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Dead Nigerian Policeman Promoted: Officer Killed By IPOB Members In Aba Promoted Posthumously

dead nigerian police officer promoted

September 22, 2017 – Nigerian Policeman Promoted To ASP In Death: IGP Ibrahim Idris Promotes Officer Killed By IPOB Members In Aba Abia State

An officer killed when suspected IPOB members burnt down an entire police station in Aba last week has been promoted in his death.

Late Cyril Nwosu was on Wednesday promoted to the post of ASP (Assistant Superintendent Of Police) when NPF Inspector General, Ibrahim Idris visited Abia State.

Idris who urged Nigerians to uphold the unity of the country declared the IPOB crisis in the state as a trial for all Nigerians.



  1. Omokehinde

    September 22, 2017 at 12:29 PM

    What a terrorist and hate group in action, utterances, and ideology! That moron and 419 Kanu Nnamdi leading association of haters, loosers, and tribalist wicked souls just because looters team of Jonathan lost the presidential election to a far better candidate who happened to be Hausa-Fulani with an honorable and highly educated Yoruba man as VP president the Biafran people have lost their sense of reasoning. Even before PBM was sworn in 2015, that champion of that hate and terrorist group have great hatred in his hate words against the Yoruba, Southsouth people, and Hausa/Fulani. They started Nigerian tribal cleaning coup by killing all Yoruba and Hausa/Fulani founding fathers and politicians just because this wicked, haters and the most selfish group want to dominate and occupy Nigeria. That was in 1964 just 4 years to our independent. Thank God for the countercoup, the rest is history. Since their aggressive and evil plan to dominate and occupied all Nigeria failed, they then decided to dominate and recognized the Southsouth people whom majority fought against the Biafran, and again, they lost brutality. The show of power by Nigerian side forced Biafrans to handover and surrender to us. Today, their spirit of hatred and domination has been reborn in them, while over 75% of the Biafran are still living in large numbers among their core enemies-Yoruba and Hause, yet because of their hate driven and stupid agitation, they are back to prior to the independent plan to override and dominate all tribes. If they serious about their dumb agitation, they should immediately start vacating Southwest, Southsouth region where they are now claiming belong to those aggressive thieves because of their oil rich region, and completely leave all the Northern states. They are making fool of themselves all over the globe but failed to realize that in the Western world including America receive raw data and facts about their greed and hateful ideology just because their beneficiary lost in the last election through their various embassies on ground. The most funny thing is that, the people of the Southsouth where Jonathan hail from are not hateful and are not threatened the unity of Nigeria like haters with moron, stupid, lazy, careless, 419 and and a mannerless fool called Kanu. Only among haters and darked hearts group can a moron like Kanu can be embraced as their saviour and freedom fighter. As long as those greedy Biafrans are still living in Yoruba land, Hausa Fulani land and in other places outside their enclave-Southeast, they will continue to fool themselves all over the globe. Please leave our regions, and please us live. Dummies and haters agitating for stupid and hateful reasons!

  2. Mon

    September 22, 2017 at 3:50 PM

    RIP to the dead…IPOB not looking for war,na Nigeria soldier killed that policeman…’s unfortunate that Nigeria government is exposing their stupidity…it’s already burning.

  3. teminyglams

    September 25, 2017 at 7:38 PM

    campaign after election
    rest in peace officer

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