Deeper Life Anchor University: Pastor Kumuyi Building N1Billion Private University In Lagos

deeper life anchor university

Nov 1st, 2013 – Deeper Life Anchor University: Pastor Kumuyi Building N1 Billion Private University In Lagos

The leadership of Deeper Life Church have started the construction of a new ultra modern private university on Lagos/Ibadan Express way.

According to sources, the N1 billion university tagged Anchor University is currently being built on multiple acres of land on the aforementioned expressway.

The new university project we learnt might gulp up to one billion naira.

Deeper Life Anchor University’s main campus will be based in Ayobo Ipaja area of Lagos while the permanent site will be on Lagos-Ibadan expressway.

An insider claims Deeper Life‘s Church Private University is here to redeem the trend of things in the educational sector of Nigeria.

The church all plans to establish secondary schools in the 36 states of the federation including Abuja.

15 thoughts on “Deeper Life Anchor University: Pastor Kumuyi Building N1Billion Private University In Lagos

  1. Good moves! Yeah! I love it. At last, a University wt a difference void of any form of social vices is in d making…

    I anticipated a University wt strict diciplinary measures & Godliness. Any make-up loving lady shld 4gt abt dis Uni cz it‘s Deeper Life‘s.

  2. Why private university? Why not a build a community health center’ a center for the disable’ or motherless babies home. I bet this university will be far too costly for ordinary man. Why are thses pastors buliding universities and buying private planes. I dont get it.

  3. Please don’t just start, leave him let him do what his mind tells him to do, is it not because there are no enough schools for the educated ones that is why our youth are going weird? a least the number of student that will be @ home will not be that much again. thank God for him. Abeg…..

  4. Hope d common masses will b able to afford d school fees? Moreova, will d less privelege in d church b able to enroll? Its well.

  5. Pls make sure the ordinary people in the church can pay , but why not think about standard hospitals fo the suffering nigerians

  6. Hmmm! Thank God that we know the truth. Many nowadays are turning church to business house or business organisation. I am travelling from Ogun state to Lagos while some people are saying that many of our man of God today are not doing what they are been sent for on earth. Please Daddy, do something for masses too, people are suffering. More grace sir and we shall not miss our Glourious home in Jesus name.

  7. the aim is education. Enlightenment. But private uni are found. Of superinposing their ideologies over the knowledge main aim which is sound education. Is this new school providing anything different from what we have seen and are used to so far. If not. Then he should go open a health center cause I don’t don’t see any other agenda besides money in my pocket fuck the poor. I’m sorry for being blunt.

  8. Yes is Good , but my question is ?.
    is the university melt for the insider ……., is it melt for the Poor or For Rich one’s?

  9. Why are all churches investing in education. No one is investing in commercial agriculture.There is hunger strike in Nigeria. May God save Nigeria. Note:Govt can not solve all problems.

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