Alleged Wife Beater, Dino Melaye Celebrates Divorce After 10 Years Of Marriage

dino melaye wife beater

December 18, 2013 – Alleged Wife Beater, Dino Melaye Celebrates Divorce After 10 Years Of Marriage

Pictured above is former law maker, Honourable Dino Melaye, the founder of anti-corruption network in Abuja and his badly beaten wife Tokunbo Melaye who filed a divorce petition few days ago over constant beating and domestic violence allegations.

Tokunbo Melaye’s parents have also filed a case against the anti-corruption guru who has turned his wife of many years and the mother of his three children into a punching bag.

He took to Twitter few hours ago to celebrate his marriage crash:

Check out his tweet:

Is this not the same woman who vowed to stand by Dino Melaye when he impregnated Nollywood actress Bisi Ibidapo Obe?

Heya! madam sorry o.

25 thoughts on “Alleged Wife Beater, Dino Melaye Celebrates Divorce After 10 Years Of Marriage

    • mr detective…even if there is something lurking around..that would not warrant inflicting injury to her..he who deceives the public in the name of activism should first fix his home before he fixes Nigeria evn as he failed woefully in the house of representatives..

  1. Wat is behind it? Who is a right-minded man? I’m appalld each tym som ppl, in their attmpt 2 sound knwldgabl, multiply empty words. No offense intended; ’tis just dat I fail2c Y u promptly swung ur bulk in support of d man. R u 100% certain he’s absolvd frm blame? Or r u a wife beater as wel?
    Just last nite I got a call by some minutes past 12 mid9t. It wz frm a frnd who’d just beat up his lactating wife & consequently needed me 2 drive dem 2a hospital by dat tym of d 9t. Wat went wrong? D wife had seen a txt msg he’d sent 2 anoda woman describing many dirty things he would do with her (i.e, d oda woman). Wen his wife raised her voice, she wz met by blows&kicks. 2 make matters even worse, his wife had had her baby via C. S. only 2months ago.
    Nw, Detectiv, tel me wat is behind dis particular beating!

  2. In as much as i liked this Dishonorable by the name of Malaye before as a civil right activist, i hate him now. The idiot is a lazy punk that should be put behind bar for a long time for human abuse not just as a wife abuser. What is he happy about when he is supposed to be crying in prison? What is the hopeless government doing about this gross abuse of a wife, somebody’s daughter? What is honorable about this barbaric fool? Why is he still being glorified as a civil right guru? He should be called; Civil right abuser. He is a disgrace to mankind.

  3. Here is the face of a mad dog,coward and permanent classified animal.join the army and fight real problem like real men.I wonder if you are talking about God or the gods,every two leg walking body calls out the name of God and quote the holy bible even when devil is their godfather beast.

  4. Mr. detective, I don’t think there is something behind it unless you are talking about spiritual if not I have seen men who maltreat their wife more than this. And the most annoying thing in such men is that they make their self a peace make outside when in their house they turn to devil in the house. Most of the time women that experience this kind of problem would like to leave their home but when they remember their children what will become of them if they left, she will stay back that is the only issue. The way men are maltreating their wives these days is very bad as if marriage is a curse instead of blessing. God will help us women.

  5. All of you talking when you are married you will all know whats up..What am i saying? not even marriage just a serious relationship then you will see craze of women.


  7. Anoni, there is nothing like “craze of women”. I have been married for 10 years now and never had any reason to raise my hands on my wife. Abi my wife nor be woman again?

    Just for the information, we are also blessed with 3 lovely kids.

    Its only weak men that beat their wives. For no reason at all should a man raise his hand on his wife.

  8. @anoni i dont no If u are man or à woman bt let me tel u If à dog did nt see anything he wil nt jst be barkin meaning 99%of woman has Sharp mouth especaily wh dere husband is goin astray so as a man If u are nt patience enough ur anger towards her at dat moment may let u become à murderer so u ave to be extra patience or u better cal 4 divorce dan u beaten her cos beaten ur wife is à generational curse it wil never leave dat family.

  9. Though it is very wrong to beat a Wife but a times you would not know the time you raise your hand on them out of provocation. Married Men can attest to this. As for Dino’s case it is not fair to reach conclusion until you hear from either side ie Dino and his Wife. This is how it is even in court of Law.

  10. This is what separates the real MEN from ANIMALS!
    A real man is provoked BUT will never resort to hitting a woman.
    Domestic abuse of a woman who is the weaker one is a form of mental illness.
    He needs therapy whomever this animal is. The sad thing about it is that you will see another woman foolishly go stand beside this man in the name of LOVE
    For the love of money another will go having dealing with him and expect the outcome to be any differently.
    This is why divorce is high and on the rise amongst our Nigerian society of today.

  11. Dis is more reason gay marriages should be approve by Nigeria Law makers, so dat those who cannot stay with women can go ahead marry de person he/she feel is comfortable with he/she, Dan killing themselves in de name of marriage. Let embrace reality. No abuse pls, maturity is product dat many cannot afford to have and those who have are seen as unwise.

  12. I said it long ago dat Dino is not a human being,but we Nigerian easily carried away by sombody attitude,Dino dat wine and Dine with Hon.Bankole but later call for his removal as a speaker,is notin but a bunch of

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