Ebola Fear: Nigerian Security Guard Sacked By UK Employer Over Travel To Nigeria


nigerian security guard fired travelling

Nov 5, 2014 – Ebola Fear: Nigerian Security Guard Fired By UK Employer For Going On Vacation In Nigeria

A Nigerian security guard has been fired by his employer for travelling to Nigeria.

Sam Ayodele Ogunnoiki, a security officer with Stout Security LTD for eight years was told that he can’t resume work because he visited his mother in Nigeria.

According to the letter from his employer, Sam Ayodele is not permitted to return to work because his co-employees are worried that he might have contracted Ebola during his vacation time in Nigeria.

Sam described his employer’s move as racial discrimination because his British wife who works at the same company was allowed to return to work.

‘It’s just discrimination. I have worked at Stout since moving to Cornwall in 2006 when I married my wife, who is English. I went to the Port Health Authority and they told me there was no problem with visiting my mother in Nigeria so I went and came back on Saturday. I then got the letter and a text from Mr Mannell saying he couldn’t allow me to return to work in case I had Ebola. I was scanned for Ebola in Nigeria and everything came back fine. But my boss told me I must be in quarantine for 21 days and cannot come to work.

Nigeria does not have Ebola but he said I have to be cleared. There is this stigma surrounding me now. It’s just ignorance and a nightmare because I cannot work. I’m a British citizen. My wife does the same job as me and I saw her at the weekend and she has been allowed to work, but if she has been in contact with me she would have Ebola too.There is no justification for this at all.’
I doubt I’ll get any more work at the security firm. ‘It’s a problem. I don’t know what I’m going to do for work now. I don’t want to go on benefits. But I doubt I’ll get any more work at the security firm. It’s a problem.” – Sam told Mail Online

Here is a copy of the letter Sam received from his employer:
‘You have been in my employ for several years and I have always done my very best to look after you, frequently helping you out when you called on me for assistance. With our friendship in mind, I have spoken to you and expressed my very deep concerns about your trip to Nigeria.