Ebola Virus Infection Rate In Lagos State Nigeria Has Increased, 8 New Patients Isolated

ebola virus lagos nigeria

August 21, 2014 – Ebola Virus Infection Rate In Lagos State Nigeria Has Increased, 8 New Patients Isolated

The government of Lagos state Nigeria has confirmed 5 new cases of the deadly Ebola virus infection in the state.

According to Lagos state Health Commissioner, Doctor Idris Jide, 2 of the new patients have tested negative to the killer virus.

“till date, we have recorded eight suspected cases, five of which came in on Tuesday.

“On the whole, five have died. We are currently following up 213 contacts and 63 have completed the two-day follow-up.” – Idris Jide said

The commissioner also regretted the death of Dr Stella Adadevoh, the Senior Consultant/Endocrinologist at First Consultant Hospital, who led the team that attended to and treated Nigeria’s first index case, Patrick Sawyer, a Liberian-American.

According to him, it was the deceased doctor, “who took the initiative to intimate the ministry concerning the index case and, substantially to her credit is the moderate containment achieved.

“She led the team who attended to the index case. Her doggedness and commitment to duty saw her personally reviewing the case, though the patient had earlier been seen by a doctor. No doubt, she and the other affected health workers are the heroes and heroines of the day.”

He also commiserated with the families, friends and co-workers of all affected persons.

5 thoughts on “Ebola Virus Infection Rate In Lagos State Nigeria Has Increased, 8 New Patients Isolated

  1. where is the nigerian sicentist ebola medicine you people should go ahead and use it and treat them why let them die in this way. we nigerian for call usa in this case for a long time before this stupid called their self nigeria sicentist came to confused and deceive us. nigerian president please find another solution to this problem because every body in lagos will be affected in this virus as afar as you are in there because nobody will run away for it this may came from market,food, drink, even air what some one will eat must come from hands to hands even exchange of money market or offices so no one will escape it if there no solution earlier. if you can give american all nigeria oil money and save lifes of people that is better please mr president.

  2. Tb Joshua I hear u on first name bases with God, time for you to go lay hands on Ebola patients like you do aids patients. Lol

  3. Pls Nigeria Govt, try this TKM- medicine ,i read it yesterday in news,it cure Marburg Virus,is same Filo-Virus like Ebola,is from Monkey,the person die within 9days of getting it with TKM.within 48 hours of contact this Marburg Virus,when you take TKM with will cure it,but WHO,said they should not give people cos of the sideefect call SiRNAS)i dont know what is that.we have nothing to lose,cos Ebola is body to body e.t.c,but this sideefect call SiRNAS you can get it by body to body, let us get rid of Ebola first b4 fightinh the sideefect call SiRNAS.same German Sicentist that make ZMaPP that make TKM,is more cheaper ,easy and quicker to make many of it in a time.on Like Zmapp is expensive not easy cos is out of Tabak plant,they develop Zmapp,so USA should close their mouth,German find both medicine,but their sister company in USA make the ZMapp.we should first try this TKM pls and pls ask German Govt and forget about WHO and USA Govt,they wont help us pls,b4 this Ebola get out of hand like Liberia and rest country with ebola.pls Govt of Nigeria ask about this TKM,cos Marburg and Ebola is almost same killer in few days and is from monkey.

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