Ebube Nwagbo Says Flat Tummy Tea Works, Posts Review & Photos

ebube nwagbo flat tummy tea

May 30, 2016 – Nollywood Queen Ebube Nwagbo Says Flat Tummy Tea Works, Posts Review & New Pictures

The new ambassador of Flat Tummy Tea recently released new photos of herself to show how fast the herbal weight loss tea has toned her mid-section.

Check out the latest photos the actress shared with fans to prove that Flat Tummy Tea really works below

She looks like someone currently working with a fitness expert to tone her abs.

If you have used Flat Tummy Tea before, please post your own review in the comment section below

10 thoughts on “Ebube Nwagbo Says Flat Tummy Tea Works, Posts Review & Photos

  1. I have never used this product before. But I know that adverts are the best liars. The company only goes for individuals who already have achieved flat tummy and claim the glory that isn’t theirs to fool the world. If their product is as good as they try to make us believe, why not give somebody like Mr Ibu a chance to be their ambassador?

  2. they dont work. ebube has always been like this from d onset she wasn’t fat neither does she have a big tummy

  3. @ Metu And Bety i love both of your comments and to add my own comment why is this extremely beautiful girl still unable to settle down as a wife time is ticking. she has a body to die for.

    • @fairjudge she might have a killer body to die for but zero manner and attitude to die for as a wife …so do the math:-)

  4. I have not used flat tummy but 4rm all indication there z some changes in ebube nwagbor..
    Though She has even been a damsel even before all dis gramma..

  5. if asually d flat tummy tea is working for her and I think I will go an purchase mine.

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