Emeka Ike Shares Photos Of Kids, Floors Ex Wife For Abandoning Her Children

emeka ike ex wife

April 16 2017 – Emeka Ike Shares Photos Of Kids, Floors Ex Wife For Abandoning Her Children “A Mother Is Different From A Wife, Even Rats Make Babies”

Popular Nollywood actor Emeka Ike has sent a strong word to his estranged wife, Susan Rero aka Emma Ike for allegedly abandoning her children even before the court granted her the divorce she asked for.

On Friday, Emeka Ike shared the above photo of his 4 children with this caption:

Moments later, a fan left the comment below….

Emeka Ike quickly replied with this heavy comment….

It is obvious the actor left the message for his estranged wife.

Emma has been in and out of her marriage before she eventually filed for divorce.

The actor was given full custody of his kids because Emma at some point abandoned them.

She is likely to be under a force stronger than her because a mother in her right mind will never abandon her children.

Lagos-based Emma Ike has reportedly eloped with Rev. Chris Okotie while her children stay in Abuja with their daddy.

9 thoughts on “Emeka Ike Shares Photos Of Kids, Floors Ex Wife For Abandoning Her Children

  1. Beautiful Children,God be with you guys. Young man, it’s hard to love and keep your children but hate their mother,though from what i read about you here on this marriage saga,you did your best to win her back,but to no avail.

    The truth here is your happiness with them maybe temporary (i never pray for so)until you reconcile with their mother (even if not together again) since she’s still alive.

  2. As a supposed Pastor all Chris Okotie could have done is to reconcile the warring husband and wife and not to take the man’s wife from him. How many failed marriages and relationships have been attributed to him? the count continues. From a failed musician to a failed politician and now to a philandering pastor. Continue breaking people’s marriage until you meet someone who will do justice to your corrupt skull. Please women should be weary of those pastors who promise them salvation if they come close to them.

  3. he never wanted to divorce her. she plan with her sponsors to leave her marriage which she will definitely regret one day.even till the last emeka was on his knee begging pleading with his wife but devil has already close her ears.when those men finish with her her eyes will clear I pray it will not be too late

  4. Beautiful children! But then again, I understand her reason for walking away. I couldn’t stomach being abused. I hope one day they’ll sort out their differences and put these beautiful little human beings before their immature, self-centred selves. I used to enjoy watching him in movies and I pray things turn around for him financially. He’s a great guy!

  5. Man of the people,Emeka Ike,God is really with you.Women always crave for marriage when single,but flopped when challenge comes having been married to the man they claimed to be “Mr Right”.Most women of these days are not ready to face their family responsibility completely to later.This is why we have divorced women, after marriage of one to twenty years.Submissiveness, loyalty, respect, faithfulness,true love,understanding, has disappeared from the meekly mind of nowadays Ladies. May God help us,men.

  6. The last time I see both with the last daughter was 2012 when Ike was given chief title the ogbu ni Ike one of ogbuki kingdom in anambra state I see United family

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