Ewedu Can Prevent & Cure Ebola: LUTH Doctor Urges Nigerians To Take It Daily


ewedu ebola cure

Sept 5, 2014 – Ewedu Can Prevent & Cure Ebola Virus Infection: LUTH Doctor Urges Nigerians To Take It Daily

A doctor in LUTH has recommended taking Ewedu (Corchorus walcottii or Jew’s Mallow) to cure and prevent Ebola virus infection.

The consultant at LUTH in Idi Araba, Prof Adebukola Ositelu said Ewedu has a high potency to boost the immune system.

She mentioned this during a program organized by NAFDAC yesterday in Ikeja.

Ositelu however, noted that chances of being cured by an intake of Ewedu when a victim has gotten to the stage of vomiting was low, but could still be administered.

She also gave a brief instruction on how to prepare Ewedu for Ebola prevention and cure.

Read it below:

  • Rinse the Ewedu with liquid vinegar to disinfect it
  • Blend and cook it with drinkable water
  • Do not add salt or any other ingredients
  • Take 25cl of the mixture once a week, first thing in the morning and when going to bed at night
  • Those infected should take the dosage every morning for 7 days.

Very soon Ewedu go dey scarce for market.