Where Is Ex Beauty Queen Nike Oshinowo & Her Twins

where is Nike Oshinowo

June 24, 2017 – Where Is Ex Beauty Queen Nike Oshinowo & Her Twins

One of the happening babes in the early 90s, beauty Queen Nike Oshinowo has suddenly disappeared from the spotlight years after she delivered her twin babies via gestational surrogacy.

The 1990 Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria winner seems to have reordered her priorities.

Her days of seductive poses to satisfy the lustful tastes of lascivious fans are gone.

She has reordered her priorities and has gladly relinquished her hold on the social scene to focus on taking care of her children.

Before she puts social appearances on the back burner, many of her fans and fellow socialites sought to know the father of her babies.

Now that she is out of the spotlight we may never get an answer to that question.

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