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Facebook Allegedly Removing Page Likes To Force Businesses To Advertise

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Facebook Allegedly Removing Page Likes To Force Businesses To Advertise

facebook removing likes

May 6, 2015 – Facebook Allegedly Removing Page Likes To Force Businesses To Advertise

Several businesses using Facebook page likes feature have been hit hard in the past 3 weeks after Facebook introduced a measure to remove likes from pages without a reasonable explanation.

Worst hits are business with over 100,000 pages likes who have now reduce to like 80,000. like many other media sites was also hit by this unprofessional move by the management of world’s most popular social media site.

Here are some comments from people who are battling the same issue:

For every new like today another unlike has occurred!! Really frustrated as I only have a small group of people interested in my handmade card page as it is! Most likes are friends and their friends so why are they being removed! It’s so disheartening when I’ve worked so hard to build up the likes in the first place! – Tracy

I lost 2%, not 1%, of my hard-earned, genuine likes. Like others, I’ve worked hard to build my business profile and Facebook is deleting legitimate likes from my page. – Jilian
Our page lost around 250 right at about 4pm today. If it means a leaner; cleaner list then I’m good with it – Sam

I lost 1.5% of my page likes overnight – this is new facebook, will this encourage businesses to advertise with facebook? Not so sure because those who have paid for advertising in the past are also saying they are currently losing page likes rapidly. I think we are all looking towards the future and facebook may not be it.. – Leisa

160 likes disappeared off my local business page of now only 760 likes thats more than 1%.. all likes were gained by getting new client’s or potential local clients. Fb thanks for potentially damaging my business. . They even removed my own families likes – Emma
We lost 4000 *likes* on our Tibet — Dalai Lama and Tibetans/support for Tibet — Facebook! 4000 in a minute! :(( this is terrible you do that, FB!. Perhaps some were Chinese hackers but the rest were genuine people..we did not *buy* any *likes*, nor did we double or whatever. We work very hard to raise awareness for the suffering in Tibet and you with one click deleted many of our followers from our list. – Brigette
I really don’t see the point of Facebook removing likes from pages. I think that’ should be that person’s own choice, not Facebook. If I’ve liked a page I’ve liked it for a reason, and if I don’t want to like that page anymore then I should be the one choosing to unlike that page Not Facebook.
Imagine all the work and money some businesses has put into getting likes, some have even paid Facebook to get likes and now Facebook is removing those likes that this business has paid for? That is Not right. – Jeanette

I never paid for likes, only put a small amount of money now and then into promoting posts so I can make sure my likes SEE my posts. I’ve seen how much money they want from us buying likes and it is not worth it, mostly when they will take the likes away anyhow. We need a new social media (other than instagram) to rise from facebook’s greedy ashes and start anew. – Jay
It sucks too loose so many likes. In 20 minutes, I lost 30. That is insane! I know many other pages are loosing thousands by the day, but still even loosing one is terrible. We work hard for each one, and to take it away isn’t fair. – Anthony

Overnight I lost around 50 fans. I have worked very hard to promote facebook to generate a good fan base. I have NEVER “gained likes by malware, compromised accounts, deceived users, or purchased bulk Likes. ” I have advertised with facebook before and gained likes through advertising. What is going on??? – Jana

It is high time Facebook wake up and face reality. Tampering with page likes without valid explanation is not proper.



  1. Yvette Omoregbe

    May 6, 2015 at 2:37 PM

    I can testify to this, I have a flower delivery company with over 380 likes, we have dropped to 50. I don’t know why they are doing it.
    Very soon they will go bankrupt

    • Daniel

      May 6, 2015 at 2:45 PM

      I guess that as well, they will only keep likes that were gotten through payment

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