Fake Pastor Used Juju To Sleep With Married Church Member In Shomolu Lagos, Victim Confesses


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April 24, 2015 – True Confession: My Pastor Used Juju To Sleep With Me For Over 1 Year

Fake Pastor Used Charm To Sleep With Married Church Member In Shomolu Lagos Nigeria, Victim Confesses

I used to be a member of one of the old and popular church which has a branch in Shomolu, I went to the church for several years and everything was fine until still I started going to a programme organize (on Wednesdays) by the pastor and I started going to see him for counselling, that’s how my life turn around.

Before I knew what was going on, I found my self sleeping with him. I kept telling myself that it will stop , but I could not , because I don’t always remember how it’s start,my eye only open when we have finished having sex. This went on for over a year.

But sometimes last year I was saved from him at a church that a friend of my invited to, the pastor of the church told me that I have been sleeping with a devil claiming to be a pastor and has been  stealing my glory to grow his business.

He told me to fast and make sure I did not see him for 3 days and to my surprise, my said pastor kept calling, he even used another phone to call me but I did not pick it.

On the third day I saw him for who he really is.

I told a brother everything that happened to me because his wife was also close to him.

He told me to forget about it and move one with my life,I later found out that the brother told some pastors in our church and nothing was done about it.

That was when I decided to tell the world. Am sure you readers are waiting for me to say the name of the church or the name of the pastor, am sorry I can’t .

I have my family and kids to protect. I just want to tell people to be careful of some churches in Shomolu .