Photos: Omoni Oboli Joins Nollywood Skin Bleaching Gang

April 27, 2016 – Pictures: Omoni Oboli Joins Nollywood Skin Bleaching Gang

The hardworking Nollywood actress has come under fire for allegedly bleaching the day light out of herself.

Check out this photo of Omoni Oboli everyone is talking about..

Before we crucify her, we must keep in mind that skin toning as it is widely called is a common practice in Nollywood. Celebrities like Mide Martins, Omotola Jalade, Sikiratu Sindodo, Kemi Afolabi, Bukola Adeeyo,etc are also into this ‘beauty enhancement’ routine.

12 thoughts on “Photos: Omoni Oboli Joins Nollywood Skin Bleaching Gang

  1. If its true that this lady I so much reserve high regards for bcos I though was a Naturalist actually bleached her skin, then I think whosoever adviced her to do that or was it her mind, must have decieved her for life.

    She doesnt know that a lot of her colleagues are envying her for her natural hair and skin. And that if only they could turn back the hands of time, they would have prefare their first skin and hair.

    D Hunter…

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  3. Omoli, stop breachiang ur skill and @John stop ur nonsense abt looking 4 a relationship or whom 2 date and y nt comment on d matter on ground.

  4. she definitely bleached. I watched the movie Fifty for the first time today and I didn’t know the person I was seeing was omoni oboli. she was dark allover. her legs had this ebony shine. I had to start going through her Instagram pics to see that she actually lightened up. so much for naturalista.

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