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Fathia Balogun Williams: I’m Not Yoruba, I’m Urhobo From Okpara Waterside Delta State

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Fathia Balogun Williams: I’m Not Yoruba, I’m Urhobo From Okpara Waterside Delta State

fathia balogun not yoruba

June 10, 2015 – Fathia Balogun Williams: I’m Not Yoruba, I’m Urhobo From Okpara Waterside Delta State

Nollywood actress Fathia Balogun recently had a chat with Samuel Abulude of Leadership Nigeria.

In the short interview, the actress addresses rumour surrounding her ethnicity and other issues

See interview excerpts;

You mentioned that you were not a Yoruba after accepting your AMVCA 2015 movie?

They got it all mixed up. I didn’t finish my acknowledgement statement on stage. I said that though I was not Yoruba but I loved the culture and I’m proud of it hence I’m a Yoruba actress. I couldn’t have denied my people the Yoruba movie industry.

How have you been able to look radiant and beautiful over the years?

I take care of my skin. I do beauty treatment every month. My skin colour was inherited from my father. As you know, I’m Urhobo from Okpara waterside in Delta State.

Are you a snub as some people think?

Not at all! People who don’t know you and you don’t know them either, expect you to greet them because you are a celebrity. I don’t snub people. I love my fans. I may not be perfect as a human being, nobody is anyway. I was not brought up like that. I’m a respectful person. Because I don’t greet you or give you attention does not make me a snub. I get moody at times like you and other people do.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

I’m a God fearing person. Fathia is reserved as against what people think. Behind this figure and alluring personality is a shyness that only those who are close to me see. And above all, I’m an understanding person. If you give me your reasons why this is this and if it’s okay by me, I’ll accept. I’m not a difficult person. Ask people around me. Fathia is a nice person and that’s why people are always around me.



  1. Danti

    June 10, 2015 at 10:24 PM

    You are an honorary Yoruba woman, Fathia, thanks for the love and the contributions, you have done well.

  2. amy

    June 10, 2015 at 10:26 PM



    June 10, 2015 at 11:02 PM


  4. grace

    June 10, 2015 at 11:39 PM

    You are not yoruba but you are planning to devide yoruba musicians? You are getting paid by K1 to spoil pasuma in any movie you take part in . My dear don’t ruin your career and don’t allow yourself to be used by any musicians to ruin his colleagues. People have been saying this alot ,my dear you better face your children especially in times like these when you have to take care of them alone
    K1 knows what he’s doing quite well, he’ll soon discard you .put today’s date somewhere.
    That is the time most of your fans said they are looking for. You better leave those illiterates alone and face your job.
    If k1 wants to use you as his fuji ambassador he should pay you like GLOBACOM, you made him chairman that doesn’t mean you parade yourself anywhere he goes.Femi adebayo is a baby, People respect you more than anyone in that your so called group.
    Face your job and don’t let yourself be put in between fuji war.
    You have to honor yourself, K1 will only add more scandal to your life. Face your own home and be nutral. When you were close to paso at least nobody complained. Please think about it.
    We still want to continue to appreciate your job ,that is if you face it anyway.
    We watch most of this k1 shows where you parade yourself on his stage ,Please we need our descent fathia back with little to no scandal.
    The Lord help you get out of this . That show of shame you people perform on k1s stage can never be likened to respect atall.
    My dear if you can yield to this advice, the sky is your limit my dear.
    Eyes are watching!

  5. Immaculate

    June 11, 2015 at 12:12 AM

    You said you are not yoruba but you are allowing yourself to be used by K1 to spite his colleagues? You better be careful before you allow someone ruin your career, your devorce is enough for you to face,don’t add to your problem, K1 only noticed the closeness between you and pasuma and he wants to ruin it and he wants to use you.
    My dear, people said you’ve be paid to spoil pasuma wonder’s name in any movie you partake in, you better don’t attach more scandal to yourself, K1 is only looking for shoulders to lean on to spite his colleagues. Focus on your career, Don’t let anybody liken you to anybody downfall because eyes are watching. If you join hands with anybody to bring anyone down, just remember your own career too, I noticed when you are with paso,people weren’t hating like this,that is to say you have to watch your back.
    Femi adebayo is a baby, he doesn’t understand what life entails, you are meant to be smarter and knowledgeable,Remember you do not have a father in the industry!
    The other illiterates needs someone like you for a career push, be wise.
    K1 has alot of scandal attached to him from sleeping with colleagues daughter and more nobody is saying you should not respect people but all these stage parade with k1 will only make people see you a trouble instigator or someone poking into other people’s business.
    And remember you have a daughter too, you can understand my plight,
    I guess when you were close to paso nobody kicked against it,but why now when you are WITH K1? You think about it too.
    What people are saying is not worth it I have to be clear. But the ball is in your court. We saw you today in pasuma wonder’s video that was nice though.
    My sister don’t allow yourself to be used. “Eyes are watching “.
    We don’t want anyanyone to take your place in the industry we beg oo.
    Just speaking according to what is going round and as a motivational speaker. PLEASE ADHERE!

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