Fatima Buhari’s Pre Wedding Photos: Buhari’s First Wife’s Daughter To Marry 56-Year-old Gimba Kumo

fatima buhari pre wedding photos

Oct 26, 2016 – Buhari’s First Wife Daughter Hajiya Fatima To Marry 56-Year-old Mallam Gimba Kumo On Friday..See Pre-Wedding Pictures

The 2nd child of PMB will be getting married this weekend.

Come Friday the 28th of October 2016, 38-year-old Hajiya Fatima will take her fiance, 56-year-old Mallam Gimba Kumo as her lovely wedded husband.

The event will hold at Buhari’s family house in Daura Katsina state.

Here are some pre-wedding photos of the couple.

buhari first wife daughter

Fatima Buhari is one of the children of Buhari’s first wife Safinatu.

buhari first wife

Their marriage produced 5 children before the couple divorced in 1988.

10 thoughts on “Fatima Buhari’s Pre Wedding Photos: Buhari’s First Wife’s Daughter To Marry 56-Year-old Gimba Kumo

  1. God bless you richly for that question. I was about asking similar question @ kourtney.

    A couple of weeks ago In thesame Kastsina State, one big Toad like that called the emir sent his aids to kidnap a 14yr old Christian school girl whom the He-goat of an emir 76!!! forced himself on the little baby in what they called marriage.

    one wonder is how will an old man of that age even have the boldness to naked his smelly body for a girl who should age bracket with his fouth generation to see, let alone making love to her? Some people have no shame at all! Especially the muslims.

    Its ok if a man of 56 marrys a lady of 38. But check out a scenerio whereby a 76yr OLD fool of a man forced a teenager of 14yrs old to marry him?

    I take a stroll…

  2. It’s their culture and has nothing to do with religion, otherwise Muslims in other tribes like Yoruba will be doing it. I strongly believe that Fatima must have been married before. It means nothing to the Northerners, they marry and divorce husbands/wives at will. As long as it does not involve abuse of a child being forced into marriage, it is not our business to determine who is eligible to marry who, as it involves two consenting adults. Good luck to the couple.

  3. Bok, you have says it all. Is disgusting. I am following you to say is digusting. Any thing wey disgusting mean, na that thing it be bicos all of them is a disgusting.

  4. @ D Hunter I think u are making a mistake with religion nd culture here that is hausa culture nd not religion so pls be mindful of wat u type

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