Fayose’s Mother Is Bedridden, Wears Pampers, Ekiti Governor Compares Buhari To Mom

fayose mother bedridden

March 10, 2015 – Fayose Says Mother Is Bedridden, Wears Pampers, Ekiti State Governor Panic Over Buhari’s Approval Rating

Fayose’s Mom Is Bedridden, Wears Pampers, Ekiti Governor Compares Buhari To Mum

The latest attack coming from Ekiti state governor to change campaigner, General Muhammadu Buhari isn’t pleasing to the ear.

In a meeting with PDP Governors Forum today, Fayose told the politicians that his 74-year-old mother still wears diapers and that Buhari is likely to be using one and therefore he’s unfit to rule Nigeria.

In response to Fayose’s childish assertion, Kayode Ogundaisi, the leader of Diaspora for Buhari/Osinbajo group said:

“Today Ayo Fayose took his madness a bit further by using his mother as an example of why Nigerians should not vote for an elderly person as candidate. Fayose’s claim that his mother wears pampers is a new low just to make a political point.

In 1983 Chief Obafemi Awolowo contested for Presidency at age 74 and Nnamdi Azikwe at age 79 Can bigot Ayo Fayose tell us if they both wore diapers? Fayose’s fear of Buhari is more to do with Fayose facing justice for corruption than Buhari’s age.”

It is high time mama call this boy to order, he is going out of hand.