Flavour Ikwokrikwo Video With Lyrics Ft Dillish Mathews


Flavour Ikwokrikwo Video lyrics

January 13, 2014 – Flavour Ikwokrikwo: New Music Video Ft Dillish Matthews

The highly anticipated video of Ikwokrikwo by music star Flavour has been released.

The music features BBA 2013 winner Dillish Mathews.

It’s a single from his popular Blessed Album.

Video produced by 2Nite Entertainment.

Watch it below and see the lyrics after:


Flavour Ikwokrikwo’s Lyrics

I gba go ro gbada Egwueji

Nwanne ngwa buru nri
Nwanne ka anyo koto si ya
Uwa na kotosia
Uwa nke a
Nwanne onweghi
O Mr Flavour no ebe a
Baby, I see you.

Verse 1
My baby boo
You look so fine
They say the beauty of a woman dey for her backside (her backside)
And I can see it’s through
‘Cos the way you dey whine (hehe)
You make all the boys dem dey walangolo eh
I ma na I na-agbaka m isi
I ma na I na-emeru m aru
My baby, you sweet like Vitamin C
I love you, I love you, I love you die oh

My baby boo
Let me tell you something
I dey feel you die
Whine it so slow
Let me take a picture of you looking in your eyes
Wanna show them that you’re beautiful looking for me tonight

My baby gbawa ikwokrikwo (dancia)
My baby gbawa ikwokrikwo (dancia)
Everybody gbawa ikwokrikwo (dancia)
This life bukwa ikwokrikwo (dancia)

Verse 2

Anywhere she go
Anywhere she enter
She dey steal their heart away
Make them want to craze
She begin to dance ikwokrikwo
She begin to dance ikwokrikwo
She make them dey dance ikwokrikwo
This life bukwa ikwokrikwo
All the boys a na kwa kwariwa
Baby ka anyi je na nke ibari ogwa
Ka m taa gi isi ewu na pepper soup
Ugba na abacha a gworo agwo

(Repeat Bridge and Chorous)

Ikworikwo (dancia baby oh)
Everybody gbawa ikwokrikwo (dancia baby oh)
Ada owerri gbawa ikwokrikwo (dancia baby oh)
Ukwu enugu gbawa ikwokrikwo (dancia baby oh)
Port Harcourt gbawa ikwokrikwo (dancia baby oh)
Ukwu Lagos gbawa ikwokrikwo (dancia baby oh)
Otu Onitsha gbawa ikwokrikwo (dancia baby oh)
Alaba gbawa ikwokrikwo (dancia baby oh)

Uh yeh oh oh oh (x3)
Dance ikwokrikwo
This life bukwa ikwokrikwo