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Fred Amata First Wife Agatha Amata Denies She’s Remarrying “I Don’t Need A Man To Complete Me”

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Feb 11, 2018 – Fred Amata Ex Wife Agathat Amata Denies She’s Remarrying, I’m Concentrating On My Children, I Don’t Want Distraction”

Rave TV founder,  Agatha Amata has dedicated her time to her career years after her marriage to Nollywood actor Fred Amata crashed.

fred amataFred Amata

See expert of her recent interview with The Entertainer

Long after separating from your husband you never remarried, even as there are lots of suitors around you?

Who told you so? Where will they find me? In my office? (Laughter). Anyway, I have been concentrating on my children because I don’t want any distraction for them. I wanted them to turn out right. I am also very busy. Anywhere there is money I am there (laughter). If you bring something to me, I will ask, ‘is there any money in this thing? Marriage is a serious commitment. I have done one and it didn’t work, even though, Fred and I are besties. But if I am going to do it again, it must succeed. What I mean is that I must be 100 per cent committed. So, if I know I have anything that will cause distraction, there is no need going there.

But your kids are grown now?

Yes, but I still have my businesses. Did you not hear what I said about making money?

But a woman needs companionship?

Do you know how many people I have in this office? I even chase them out of my office (laugher).

agatha amata remarries

We are talking about romantic companionship?

Romantic companionship? You can have that without being married.

So, have you found someone?

I did not say that by the way so don’t put words into my mouth.

I was just asking…

Truth of the matter is that I am in a place where I am happy. I have found me, I know who I am. People make the mistake of saying you need somebody to complete you. Nobody can complete you; they can only complement you. I am complete. When I am ready to find someone who will complement me for the rest of my life, I will open up, but there is no hurry in life.

At what point should a partner quit a relationship because of domestic violence?

Because I have dealt with it so much on my programme, I will say that women can be very funny. Even, the ones we try to help, always go back. I have dealt with this issue for so long and I usually find out that women’s biggest problems are women and not men. Mothers don’t want situations where they will say their daughters are no longer in their husband’s house. I have had a case where a woman ran away from her husband’s house three times and her parents took her back, and begged the husband to take her back, but today she is dead. And when he killed her, he looked the family in the face and told them nothing will happen, and I can tell you nothing happened.

And you keep hearing these cases all over. I have helped a lot of women and their biggest problem is that they don’t have anybody to talk to. Society will judge you – you are a bad woman for leaving your husband. You must have done something very bad. I have seen women go to report to police and police will ask them, ‘wetin you do?’ They are left on their own. Society needs to provide more support for these women. Marriage is not a do or die affair. You need the man and the woman to be happy, that is the way they will raise good children.

I have seen a young girl that has been scared for life, because she says her mother is a fool and she will never ever marry because she will never let any man treat her the way her dad treats her mum, and she has no respect for her dad as well. She is already messed up and that will affect the way she will relate with people especially men tomorrow.

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1 Comment

  1. fifelomo

    February 12, 2018 at 11:16 AM

    I love everything about Agathat.

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