Funmi Iyanda Speaks On Married Yoruba Men Who Cheat On Their Wives, Says The Are Not Demons

May 2nd, 2017 – Funmi Iyanda Speaks On Married Yoruba Men Who Cheat On Their Wives, Says The Are Not Demons

UK Based Nigerian media icon, Funmi Iyanda has lent her voice to the viral Twitter topic which claimed that Yoruba men are demons because they cheat on their wives.

Watch the video below for Funmi Iyanda’s take on this sensitive topic.

There is no point in showing systemic tribalism when addressing issues of this nature.

All men cheat by nature. It is only a few who have strong interpersonal relationship with Jesus Christ, respect for their wives and self discipline that will not be caught in the web of seduction which often leads to cheating.

One of Sunny Ade’s wife recently said all African men cheat by nature.. I disagree with that also.

Now let’s address this core issue…. Why do married men cheat???

Most married men who do not get sexual satisfaction from the wives may be tempted to cheat that is why it is highly essential for couples to address this issue of bedroom satisfaction.

Will discuss more on this in another article.

7 thoughts on “Funmi Iyanda Speaks On Married Yoruba Men Who Cheat On Their Wives, Says The Are Not Demons

  1. If your wife is not satify to you, cheat on her. Is allow by devil. Rastaman can not posibul to cheat on his wife. Rastaman is oromantic human beans. But many womens are not sabi to do. That is why many mens are cheat. I go open NGO weyris teach womens how to do. Na me go de teach them. But I no go collect money bicos na NGO.

  2. It’s nothing to do with satisfying your husband, a cheating man will cheat even if the wife turns to ever ready. Some ignorant men think that it’s their right as a men, other poor souls just can’t control themselves. Give your lives to YHWH through his son Jesus Christ and your lives will be directed to the right path.

  3. I disagree wit iyanda even those one dt dere wife satisfy them still cheat naturally men r promiscuous in nature few of them dnt cheat God wi help our men from cheating habit you may b wise as Solomon, brave like samson Bt if u r not as self control as joseph u may miss it

  4. I disagree with her where she says Yoruba men don’t mind if their wives cheat on them as far as they don’t know. If so why then do Yoruba men put “Magun” on their wives to curb their cheating ways? Cheating is everywhere be it in Nigeria or elsewhere in the world.

  5. Think half of these men can even satisfy their wives?? Hell No! Wives please make sure you have affairs when your husband cannot satisfy you. These men just think it is their right, and believe their wives are too stupid to do anything about it. Catch me if you can idiots!!!

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