Gay Scandal: Kcee & Phyno Caught Kissing At MTV Award Nominees Party

kcee phyno kissing

May 13, 2014 – Gay Scandal: Kcee & Phyno Caught Kissing At MTV Award Nominees Party

Few months after Nigerian singer, Kcee disowned his wife by calling her his sister, Paparazzi camera has caught up with the singer kissing his alleged gay partner Phyno.

The duo were caught at the MTV award nominees party that held at D’place in Lekki Lagos last weekend

Igbo rapper Phyno has responded. He claimed the picture currently going viral was Photoshopped.

Read Phyno’s response below:

The two men risk 14 years in jail for kissing in the public…..some photographers like trouble sha!

36 thoughts on “Gay Scandal: Kcee & Phyno Caught Kissing At MTV Award Nominees Party

  1. am so ashame of kcee,cos of one his best fan…God will cut off that ur pennis. Thiz a dammm taboo…phyno u are a disgrace to igbo ppl, well ur life is crazy

  2. If sodom and gomorah where not able to escape fire of God. It is obvious they cannot run away from the rot of God.unless if they are not gays.

  3. Phyno has retweet that,he was trying to whisper something into kcee’s ear,and the camera caught him on the side view.every reasonable human being should know ppl are at the background of this picture,including Baddo.They wouldn’t have done that in the public.pls let’s reason well before passing judgement on ppl

    • thank u,coz if dey wre really kissing d people around will testify to it and if u luk at d picture deeply,u wil c dat d people around wre nt lukin at dem or evn suprised,abeg frgt dat thing.

  4. Like wat mah boss said,phyno nah God qo punish d photographer n da photoshoper and also ol da idiots thinkin dat dis shit z true…..phyno z not a gay cos wit his move n way of lyf u wil noticed so dissapointed on sum of u fools wu did not evn pass tru nursary klaz u foolishly belive dis may fuckin remous itz has happen 2 many pple evn men of God nah jst bad belle pple……..n as 4 kcee i cant rilli say bt i also strongly believe dat kcee z not a gay cos wit da mel look of thinq n da photo if u r usin ur number 6ix u wil kwn dat stuff z a set up cos i supected dat kcee z tellin phyno sumtin in da ears so definatly u fuckin fools wil think z gay stuff……stil on da matter stay cool n stop hatin on sum ones success…smartwhiz z da name

  5. I dnt knw weda or not diz 2 r gays. But wat I knw 4 certain is there’s no way they would b kissing in public like dat, esp as d issue of gayism has not found footing in Naija. Whoeva did dis drab job is stil a learner.

  6. LoL. Like I said, yhur enemy is 2x ahead of yhu always.. how can they ever risk of kissinq in public? #bad PS

  7. how is this a work of photoshop? does phyno think everyone one is as dumb as he is? instead of him to just say he was drunk when he did it and apologize. everything now na photoshop dem dey blame. Even the kidnapped girls video is not real, it was videoshopped. rubbish

    • Fernandez,I hail u. Out of all comments here,na only your own make sense. Hypocrites na go say if na everything photoshop fit do. U better go learn graphics before una judge. Olodo naijans. Thumbs up @ u fernandez,I follow u gan on this matter.

  8. Thumbs up a million times to fernandez d only sensible one here. If u don’t know the strength n weakness of photoshop,then go learn graphics olodo naijans.


  10. If nor be Gays them be why he nor whisper any other person 4 ear? See d way phyno even wrap his hand around a fellow man, chai! D whole world is full of mysteries we can’t explain… simple fact these guys are Occults and they get away with whatever they do. Nigéria is fucked up country… God bless and protect us all

  11. Its just about time we guys neglect favourism nd speak wt clear mind. I cnt even kiss my g.f in public,so,If they truly kissed then they are drunk nd stupid. Cause a normal average idiot cnt even commit sin in public. If they are gays thats their biz. But am nt siding any one.

  12. You knw, wen u are rising to Stardom, here comes various enemies tryingG to bring u down, this is nigeria, we knw for sure that if phyno nor kcee wants to kisss , there are millions of female beautiful fans outhere to kisss this guys, this is nigga, such thing can never happen. I’m not igbo o, but let’s say the truth

  13. I can’t belive dis,phyno is not a gay,may be he just wanted to whispad to kcee,but is only God dat knows wayda it is true or not

  14. Dat pic Is real. How can’t it bi dat wisphering somtin 2 de ear.
    Has now cum below de lips?. Dat nt a photoshoot mistake. Can we see clearly.
    It’s nt a setup. It somhow a rel truth. It was a kiss. Cos
    Ear no de we’re mouth dey day. But it’s der life n nt ours. Cos even
    If de ar still doing it in der homes, will we know?
    Let’s bi wise. But we ar matured pple n shoul behave matured.

  15. Dat’s nt photoshop but camera angle.. Besides, if dey wer kissing phyno’s lips wound be in between d oda guy’s lips…. I think dey already finished talking and he was about withdrawing his mouth from d oda guy’s hear… And lastly if dey wer trulykissing ddon’t u think d guy standing in front of dem and even d lady at d back would be staring?

  16. Phyno and kce u na be idiot una lived girls way una go de kiss cum de kiss una self una suppose to go to jail.

  17. frgt am…..coz evn if u luk dat pics wel,na fake,u c se d ppl we dey around d pics de suprise or evn show sign of concern coz if na u dey thre ur face go show se u de suprise,as u hear am so u no de suprise wat if u com c am wit ur two korokoro eyes.leave dat…..thing…..

  18. Woow, this is outrageous, while would a ****** civilian try to spoil someone’s reputation, not cool at all, if it pains u that phyno is a star go and hug the transformer nearby…..

  19. It’s not possible, that’s clearly a photoshop image…..for example the photoshop image of adekunle Gold on jesus neck what will u say about that?…..

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