Gay Wedding Photo: Man Marries Man In US Wearing Tuxedo Train

wedding tuxedo train

June 21, 2014 – Gay Wedding Picture: Man Marries Man In US Wearing Tuxedo Train

Check out the above photo taken from a gay wedding ceremony in the United States of America. The dude with the wedding flower is the wife while the other one is the husband.

The wife adored himself (confusion) with a white tuxedo and a light blue train.

Did he forget to use the veil or what ?

[Photo credit: Facebook]

22 thoughts on “Gay Wedding Photo: Man Marries Man In US Wearing Tuxedo Train

  1. all of them that went to that marriage will end up in hellfire not only the gay men,cos they sign yes to devil.

  2. I don’t think they are normal, u know madness comes in different form, there are educated men, well dressed that are insane. These guys should be taken to a good psychiatric home let them examine them. Just pity for those little kids bicus they are too young to see this unholy act. They will end up practising homosexuality. I blame the parents who exposed them to such satanic gathering called wedding. May God have mercy on u people.

  3. Did we see any old adult in the picture? No is just this young people that thought life is all about eating chicken and chips and call sociali services for their parents when they want I pity this them

  4. Why did they bring in kids, they will think its a normal thing and will like to practice it when they are old enough to think for themselves.
    God help us.

  5. gosh…dis sounds disgustin nd irritatin.I can’t see d reason why some people have decieded to sell their souls to the devil.Any way,these are signs of the endtime.they are possessed by the evilspirit…….eleigidigon

  6. Only thing strange here is that people are still acting like homosexuality has been around ever since the creation of man so if its the end of the world baby the worlds been ending since the beginning …. Idiots

  7. Congratulations. You know what is strange that hatred is disguised under the banner of religion. That pseudo Christians refuse to come to terms that they are hypocrites. YOU ARE TODAY’S SADDUCEES AND PHARISEES. Your hearts are filled with hate and it’s hate like that will doom the world. Nobody lives their life strictly by the bible. People sin and don’t even realize it. I see it as these two young man have joined in the sight of God to commit to one another IN LOVE which is of God. I think that is all that really matters in the end. Hell they burn, I know most of you all will too and there is plenty of room in the lake for all of our sins.

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