GEJ Till 2019: Nollywood Celebrities Campaign For Jonathan In Enugu & Ibadan

nollywood campaign jonathan

Jan 11, 2015 – GEJ Till 2019: Nollywood Celebrities Continue N350M Paid Campaign For Jonathan In Enugu & Ibadan

President Jonathan’s campaign team has employed some selected Nollywood celebrities to take GEJ Till 2019 campaign to strategic cities throughout the country.

Few days ago, some Nollywood celebrities converged at Tafawa Balewa Square in Onikan  Lagos in support of Jonathan from there they moved to Enugu. Their next stop is Ibadan Oyo State.

See photos below:

gej till 2015 campaign

This is what N350 Million has turned our popular Nollywood celebrities into.

Like my grandma will say, if ‘sufferness’ LOL too much, people will fall for anything.

8 thoughts on “GEJ Till 2019: Nollywood Celebrities Campaign For Jonathan In Enugu & Ibadan

  1. I pitty these young stars who are destroying their chareer rather than building it. They all will fail with their oga at the top

  2. Nollywood my foot. The are all hungry lions, They want to eat from entertainment and politics thesame time, FOOLS, Ibinabo who has never cleared her name from murder case after she was released from prison earlier than the number years she ought to have spent. Shame.

  3. FOOLS, Let them come to Lagos, or go to Borno, Adamawa, Kano, Kastina,Others. They will burn them all to ashes. Nonsense.

  4. A display of rapacious snakes, dressed and paraded like house flies in the name of movies stars.

    They are not movie stars but moving snakes.

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