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Good People Dead By Nodash: Short Movie Warning Against Electoral Violence In Nigeria

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Good People Dead By Nodash: Short Movie Warning Against Electoral Violence In Nigeria

good people dead movie nodash

Jan 28, 2015 – Good People Dead By Filmmaker Nodash: Short Movie Warning Against Pre-election Violence In Nigeria

As the 2015 general elections draws near, the streets are calling for change. All over social media, open bars, crowded clubs and popular hang-outs the focus of discussion seems to be on the general elections and the future of our great country Nigeria.

But while everyone wants change, it seems no one is sure of what exactly needs to be done to achieve the change that we really desire.

However, multiple award winning filmmaker, Nodash has creatively provided the answer to the many questions on the lips of Nigerians about the way forward in his new video titled Good People Dead.

The video eloquently expresses the state of mind of the average Nigerian on the streets but it doesnt leave it there, it ends with a clear suggestion of what we all need to do to take Nigeria where it should be.
good people dead nodash
The most resounding words from the video are ‘We Are Not Afraid Anymore’. A reflection of a new wave of consciousness in the mind of the Nigerian youth. The youths don’t seems to be afraid anymore, they speak their minds for and against whoever they want without reservation, regardless of how powerful the person seems to be.

The video according to Nodash is the product of a thought process described by the video title and its an indication and a pointer to the fact that young people in Nigeria are wiling to do what they need to do to change the country for good.

The soul searching video stars Nigerian artistes, Tilla and Truth and it features a medley of thought- provoking songs written by Nodash.

Nodash is known for creating the most unusual concepts for videos and also for his advanced directorial and cinematography skills which the video ‘Good People Dead’ clearly confirms.

The video lyrically poses a series of rhetoric questions that bother on the unity and peaceful co-existence of Nigerians while also serving as a musical escape to fans of good music.

Pls note that ‘Good People dead is NOT a song. It’s a video that has has a combination of songs in it.
It’s NOT a music video for a song, it is a SHORT film with the story told through music.
Nodash is not an artiste he is a filmmaker.

Watch it below:



  1. Kolade Alli

    January 28, 2015 at 6:26 AM

    Brilliant concept very good video

  2. DAN

    January 28, 2015 at 10:35 AM

    Is good ooo.

  3. Joel

    January 29, 2015 at 8:27 AM


    Let us really look dispassionately at Buhari’s scorecard. His religious bias is very clear for all to see. It was Buhari that submitted the application to upgrade Nigeria’s membership from an Observer status it had enjoyed since the Gowon regime to full membership.
    One of the first things the Buhari administration did was to take away the fundamental human rights of every Nigerian by suspending Chapter IV of the Constitution of the FRN.
    Today we know that most of the people sentenced to decades (oftentimes centuries) in prison, were innocent politicians of southern extraction while the guilty from his preferred ethnic extraction roamed free.
    Buhari overthrew the supposedly corrupt NPN Government, yet he focused on and went after the UPN and NPP Governors; Professor Ambrose Ali, Chief Olabisi Onabanjo, Chief Michael Adekunle Ajasin and Chief Bola Ige in prison, Chief Jim Nwobodo, Chief C.C. Onoh where tried repeatedly. Only people like Solomon Lar (who reported the planned coup to Shagari) and other Northerners who opposed him received lengthy sentences, most of the other Hausa/Fulani politician who were arrested, interrogated, detained, brought to trial or sent to jail such as the former president Alhaji Shehu Shagari, Suleman Takuma, Adamu Ciroma, Yahaya Dikko, Uba Ahmed where allowed to slip Buhari’s net with a slap on the wrist.

    After Buhari overthrew the Shagari government exchange and Interest rates plus prices of various commodities: basic foodstuffs, toiletries etc which came to be known as essential commodities where fixed by fiat. This is in total disregard for basic demand and supply forces. Rationing of essential commodities, as a result of the fixing of prices of commodities as well as exchange rate, banning of the importation of items that we did not manufacture locally, and the draconian overnight currency change program, arbitrarily pegging total imports for 1984 at £4 billion pounds sterling created scarcity and hoarding set in. In fact Inflation in 1984 was 40.9%, 1983 was 22.22% and 1982 was 5.88%.

    General Buhari was appointed chairman of PTF under Abacha controlling billions of US$ but In 2000, the Obasanjo administration set up an Interim Management Committee (IMC) to take a look at the affairs of the Petroleum (Special) Trust Fund. According to their report total public funds to be recovered from various contractors, banks and consultants amounted to about N25,758,532,448 (Twenty five billion, seven hundred and fifty eight million five hundred and thirty two thousand four hundred and forty eight Naira).

    His record as Chairman of PTF was also not remarkable because apart from the mismanagement of resources 80 percent of the projects were in his home town and 20 percent for the rest of Nigeria.
    General Buhari’s economic policies in 1984 did not work then and they won’t work now.

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