Governor Amaechi Urges Nigerians To Stone Corrupt Politicians


rotimi amaechi corrupt politicians

December 14, 2013 – Governor Amaechi Tells Nigerians To Stone Corrupt Politicians

The governor of Rivers State Nigeria, Rotimi Amaechi said Nigerians are too passive in handling the issue of corruption among Nigerian politicians.

Governor Amaechi said politicians are still stealing because citizens are yet to carry out jungle justice on them.

Hear Amaechi in his own words below:

“If you see a thief and you allow him to thief, what do you do?…You have stoned nobody that’s why we are stealing.” “If you don’t take your destiny into your hands, we will go and other leaders will come and they will continue to steal”.

This was disclosed by the controversial governor while paying tribute to Nelson Mandela at an event in Lagos.

Please watch the video below:


Now that Amaechi has urged citizens to take their destiny into their hands and fight for their right, may be it’s time to gather stones as much as we can and let the action begins #wink

Jokes aside, revolution is coming to Nigeria very soon.