Happy 2013 Thanksgiving To Our American Friends

Nov 28, 2013 – Happy Thanksgiving To Our American Friends

Today is a special day for our friends and family in the United States of America.

Together with Christmas and New Year, Thanksgiving is a part of the broader holiday season in the country. The event is mostly called the First Thanksgiving.

We are using this medium to wish you a happy thanksgiving.

Make una remember our own Turkey ooooo.

Here is a thanksgiving message to y’all from President Obama:

“Hi, everybody.  On behalf of all the Obamas – Michelle, Malia, Sasha, Bo, and the newest member of our family, Sunny – I want to wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. 

We’ll be spending today just like many of you – sitting down with family and friends to eat some good food, tell stories, watch a little football, and most importantly, count our blessings. 

And as Americans, we have so much to be thankful for. 

We give thanks for the men and women who set sail for this land nearly four centuries ago, risking everything for the chance at a better life – and the people who were already here, our Native American brothers and sisters, for their generosity during that first Thanksgiving. 

We give thanks for the generations who followed – people of all races and religions, who arrived here from every country on Earth and worked to build something better for themselves and for us. 

We give thanks for all our men and women in uniform – and for their families, who are surely missing them very much today.  We’re grateful for their sacrifice too. 

We give thanks for the freedoms they defend – the freedom to think what we want and say what we think, to worship according to our own beliefs, to choose our leaders and, yes, criticize them without punishment.  People around the world are fighting and even dying for their chance at these freedoms.  We stand with them in that struggle, and we give thanks for being free. 

And we give thanks to everyone who’s doing their part to make the United States a better, more compassionate nation – who spend their Thanksgiving volunteering at a soup kitchen, or joining a service project, or bringing food and cheer to a lonely neighbor.  That big-hearted generosity is a central part of our American character.  We believe in lending a hand to folks who need it.  We believe in pitching in to solve problems even if they aren’t our problems.  And that’s not a one-day-a-year belief.  It’s part of the fabric of our nation. 

And we remember that many Americans need that helping hand right now.  Americans who’ve lost their jobs and can’t get a new one through no fault of their own.  Americans who’ve been trapped in poverty and just need that helping hand to climb out.  Citizens whose prayers and hopes move us to act.

We are a people who are greater together than we are on our own.  That’s what today is about.  That’s what every day should be about.  No matter our differences, we’re all part of one American family.  We are each other’s keeper.  We are one nation, under God.  That core tenet of our American experience has guided us from the earliest days of our founding – and it will guide us to a future that’s even brighter than today. 

Thank you, God bless you, and from my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.”

18 thoughts on “Happy 2013 Thanksgiving To Our American Friends

  1. It’s indeed a course to give thanks.
    I have been in my Pajama all days
    The fact that I don’t have to go to work today is enough for me to thank God.

    I will be watching movies all day. No going out for me today

  2. Today is the best day of my life and I give God the praise for being a Nigerian-American
    All glory and honour to him alone

  3. Please pray for me friends while u thank God I have been diagnosed with a deadly disease.
    I have 3 weeks ONLY on earth.

    I’m not complaining but I need your prayers
    Modupe from New York

    • @modupe please don’t believe Doctors report
      Stay strong you will not die
      Please visit http://www.domimedia.org and listen to Bishop Oyedepo’s messages.

      Also gather some strength to attend Winners chapel near you
      Hear are some of them
      527 E 137th St
      +1 347-590-5388

      15358 Rockaway Blvd
      +1 718-528-3334

      Take a bottle of anointing oil and let the pastor pray over it.
      You will end up a testimony
      Please don’t lose hope my friend YOU SHALL NOT DIED

      I’m Ope from Akure

  4. Modupe,believe me nothing ,I mean nothing will happen to you no matter what the doctor said.will it be possible for me to be your friend and may be both of us visiting each other,I live in los Angeles, California and will be more than happy to be your friend,so that we can research proper about whatever is wrong,am also a nurse.pls talk back to me I beg you in the name of God.modupe to you believe in miracles,can you fly down to harbour UCLA for another checkup,pls don’t keep me in suspends my dear sister or brother.believe your cured in Jesus name.you have a friend in me modepe .

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family in the states have wonderful Thanksgiving and be ready for black Friday a lot of Christmas shopping to do
    From Steven from Hamilton Ontario

  6. @Modupe,’who is he that saith a thing and it cometh to pass when the Lord God has not approved?,’who has the final say in your life rather than Jesus Christ.Blvd my bible tells me in Zechariah:4 vs 7a,’Who art thou oh great mountain?before ‘MODUPE’,thou shall become a plain.Amen.Secondly,the Lord God told us that He is the God of all flesh and He asked u Modupe,is there any thing too difficult for me?.swtheart, pls read right now Isaiah 38:1-9 and claim it,by the name of Jesus,the name above all other names, you shall see 2014 and beyond 2014 in good health and prosperity.IN JESUS NAME.AMEN

  7. @modupe please respond to my inquiry.

    I’m a Surgeon in Ohio. Please kindly get in touch with me thru naijagists so I can know your condition
    Stop thinking negatively be positive for now. You shall not die

    I’m a South African married to a Nigerian here and I’m willing to offer you help.

  8. Gr8 tnx 2 d almighty Jehovah God in Heaven n hrtfelt greeting 2 all d Nigerians in d US 4 a day lk dis… 4rm Taraba State, 1 of d North Easthern States of Nigeria with D Hunter representing…

    I am sending my most special greetings 2 my 1 & only Miss RED in Los Angeles.
    Anoda guy on naijagist, lets cm bk home, dat i alwys respect is IRON BAR. He simply makes my day, dat‘s my guy.

    As 4 u Modupe, i appreciate ur boldness. Oda pple wld hv choose 2 die in silence. Bt since u‘ve open up, i wnt u 2 knw dat… A prblm shared is a prblm solved. Pls endeavour 2 locate my Lady, miss RED in LA, n i assure u God still has smtin 2 say d final say in ur case. Pls dnt dilly dally abt dis. It‘s well. D Hunter cares.

    • sir..wish u the best and all the good things u wish for..we must keep pushing and praying for one another.i appreciate..GOD BLESS

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