Heavy Rainfall With Thunderstorms Warning Issued To Lagos Nigeria Residents


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June 13, 2014 – Heavy Rainfall With Thunderstorms Warning Issued To Lagos Nigeria Residents

Lagos state Commissioner for the Environment, Mr Tunji Bello has warned Lagosians of the upcoming heavier rainfall accompanied with thunderstorms.

Mr Bello warned residents to expect more rainfall as Nigeria reaches peak raining season.

He said the warning was issued to alert Lagos residents to get prepared.

Read the warning message below:

“Lagosians should be prepared for rains of high intensity, which is to be accompanied with occasional thunderstorm, but we advise our people not to panic but if possible stay off the roads when they don’t have a very serious cause to do so, in order not to be caught in the traffic gridlock.

“As we are in the peak of the rainy season, Lagosians must have noticed that it has been raining heavily across the state in the last four weeks while we must have also noticed occasional flash flood on some roads around the state.

“This is as a result of the rains of high intensity which has greatly slowed down the percolation rate of storm water generated and the high saturation level of the soil. There is the need to explain that what we are experiencing is one of the peculiarities of a coastal city like Lagos, where it is normal to have storm water on the road whenever it rains consistently.

“Whenever it rains heavily across the state, this naturally leads to a rise in the lagoon and ocean, which automatically locks up all the canals in the state, and until the water in the ocean and lagoon recedes, that is when our canals can discharge into theses water bodies. The after-effect is that it takes a long time before water discharges into the Lagoon as well as the time it eliminates all backflows,” he explained.

“In view of this therefore, Lagosians are advised not to panic but go about their normal business activities as our canals are regularly cleaned and maintained to handle storm water generated during the rains.

“Lagosians are also assured that we are intensifying our mid rain cleaning exercise in order to absorb storm water generated during this period,” he said.

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  1. Lagos is over populated flooding kills them life chicken that is why I relocated to Benin last month

  2. One man’s meat another poison. @ glory, i relocated from benin to Lagos last month because of high rate of insecurity, kidnapping and cultism.

    • Thank jayz I love my lagos die! If glory is looking for unpopulated area maybe she should try bornu state especially sambisa forest there will be so lonely to live.

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