Henrietta Kosoko’s Lagos Funeral Photos: Tears As Corpse Of Late Actress Is Opened To The Public

henrietta kosoko lagos funeral photos

June 10, 2016 – Henrietta Kosoko’s Lagos Funeral Pictures: Fans Cry As Casket Of Late Nollywood Actress Is Opened To The Public

Henrietta Kosoko Died A Painful Death, She Cried To The Point Of Death – Eyewitnesses

All hell broke loose today during the lying in state of Nollywood actress Henrietta Kosoko at her home in Bariga Lagos.

According to eyewitnesses, the last expression on the face of the 53-year-old who reportedly died of spiritual attack speaks volume about her encounter with death.

Many couldn’t but weep the moment the casket of the chubby actress was opened to the public for few minutes this morning.

Here are some photos taken by Yusuf Lawal today.

henrietta kokoso corpsehenrietta kosoko caskethenrietta kosoko cryinghenrietta kosoko corpse

Her corpse is currently in transit to Abraka where she will be laid to rest.

May her soul continue to rest in peace.

22 thoughts on “Henrietta Kosoko’s Lagos Funeral Photos: Tears As Corpse Of Late Actress Is Opened To The Public

  1. All I see is a crying corpse, let whoever killed her not die again
    wicked devil. Rip Henrietta

    • Stop this please. No one kills anyone. Her contract she signed with her Creator was up. You and i dont know when is our time will be up. So stop this nonsensical theory.

      No One Dies Without Perfect Knowledge Of Almighty

  2. @ Amanda God Bless You..
    Everyone would surely die .. So people need to stop this stories of spiritual attack..
    May her soul rest in peace

  3. may ur gentle soul rest in perfect peace ma! we luv u buh jesus luvs u more….all the kosoko’s accept my condolence

  4. She simply died of diabetes. Diabetes if not properly manage, will kill you. Naija get education and stop all these crabs of spiritual attack!

  5. Obviously overweight. Most Yoruba actresses dont care about weight but outward looks only. Exercise is Vital to Long and healthy life.

  6. We all have one life to live, let’s live it well as after death is judgement. RIP Henrietta.

  7. More than anything, l think depression contributed to her overall breakdown, overweight and personal neglect. That woman was very beautiful in the early 90s and soon after she married she started gaining weight as it is typical of Nigerian women in toxic marriage. The news of Jide getting married to another woman had a significant part in her ill-health, and total meltdown. Women choose your partner carefully and try to make yourself happy if the man wont make you happy. Everybody gave good testimony to her excellent character and she exuded good behavior during each appearance on TV.

    After three dead wives, if l were Jide’s surviving wife, l will be too scared to go near him. He is jinxed forever!!

  8. Rip mama we thank God u did mad and u did not die a shameful death may ur soul rest in the lord

  9. After losing two wives one would wonder why Jide Kosoko decided to marry another two. Rest in peace Henrietta.

  10. Whatever is hidden is open to the Lord. Mr Kosoko and her children should reflect and turn to the Lord.

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