Hilda Dokubo Returns As Nollywood Movie Producer

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April 9, 2016 – Hilda Dokubo Returns As Nollywood Movie Producer

If you have missed Nollywood goddess Hilda Dokunbo, you need not worry anymore.

The actress was spotted on the set of an upcoming flick in Port Harcourt recently working in the capacity of a movie director.

When asked if she has bid good bye to the screen, the actress says:

“No, “I’m back. Though as a pro­ducer for now, I will soon return to the screen.”

9 thoughts on “Hilda Dokubo Returns As Nollywood Movie Producer

  1. The likes of Hilda Dokubo, Regina Askia, Liz Benson, Kate Henshaw etc… Are the ladies that made Nollywood tick in those good old days.
    Wish her the best all the way.

    Hunters are not stationary people, therefore, I have to continue my stroll-hunting from here………………..

  2. She’s amongst the nollywood actress that interpret the role very well. Hope to see more of your good work

  3. I love this lady. She’s a role interpreter, one of the beautiful women in Nollywood. You’re welcome back ma. I hope this time, you have plenty goodies for us?

  4. we really miss her alot…especially her calm and heartwarming role she do play in d movie alot. good 2 see u ma

  5. Anty Linda you cry a lot while acting, sometimes you make me feel like to cry with you. Come back soon and lets get the real thing started.

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