Holyhill Church Gave Members $100 Each For Attending Service In Abuja???

church abuja $100 dollars members

Feb 27, 2014 – Abuja’ Holyhill Church Gave Members $100 Each For Coming To Service???

According to a first time attendee of a popular church in Abuja, all the people who went to the church this past Sunday got $100 each.

A twitter user with handle mrfixnigeria made this known on Twitter.
He said “So everyone who came to Holyhill Church today got a gift of $100”

This is unbelievable…. Make we organize all Abuja beggars sharp sharp.

Kindly usher them to the church to prove the authenticity of the story.

Holyhill church conduct their service at Immaculate Hotel on Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent in Wuse Zone 2 Abuja.

Don’t be fooled my people, this kind holy bribery is likely a church marketing trick.

Trust Nigerians…. the church go full well well next Sunday….hahaha…LWKMD