Hon Rotimi Makinde’s New Wife Pregnant; Oyebanke Oyelami Flaunts Baby Bump In Toronto

hon rotimi makinde wife pregnant

Sept 25, 2013 – Hon Rotimi Makinde’s New Wife Pregnant; Oyebanke Oyelami Flaunts Baby Bump In Toronto

Anytime I come across this lady in the news, I feel really bad for her.

For those who do not know her, Oyebanke Oyelami is a 24-year-old OAU dropout and an orphan.

She lost her mother at a very tender age so growing up was a bit difficult for her.

Her life story changed when she had an encounter with former Nollywood actor turned politician, Hon. Rotimi Makinde.

The couple got married on the 24th of August 2013.

Since meeting Rotimi Makinde, the one-time poor girl has enjoyed lavish living.

According to sources, pregnant Oyebanke Oyelami was recently spotted in downtown Toronto, Canada rocking her big baby bump.

oyebanke oyelami is pregnantOyebanke Oyelami in Toronto

When 48-year-old Rotimi Makinde met her, he dumped his former wife.

Oyebanke Oyelami is now on a 9-month course.

The 24-year-old former beauty queen will deliver Rotimi Makinde’s 5th child early next year.

Congrats to her.

14 thoughts on “Hon Rotimi Makinde’s New Wife Pregnant; Oyebanke Oyelami Flaunts Baby Bump In Toronto

  1. I know this girl very well she was a fiancee to my friend.
    Here is what love of money has brought her.
    The end will tell it all
    Banke ur life is a shame

  2. is this real love or charm? something is not adding up here
    how can she dump her education to marry a man twice as old as her?

  3. There is no love these day, life is a gamble , because people you think they love you can suddenly dump you , you may be sleeping with your enemy because you do not know what they are doing in secret, i think is better for one to just accept whatever happen , and move on , it would be easy if you can just rely on yourself for everything , work hard and have your own money , so when Mr knocleheaduller dump you, you will be able to give yourself time to think of having anybody again, people failed to study the behavior and attitude ,and they want to marry within a year or month,

  4. Naijagist” Alaroye asoro jam”. You should at least give this girl some respect for all what she’s gone through.jhmmn she is an orphan,she a drop out,she is poor. I will say, You and follower cand do more. Idaelewa.

  5. @ Aji do u know what a gist is? naijagist na aproko site
    i pity this innocent girl she is under Hon makinde’s control
    Hope her late mother can fight on her behalf
    how can this pretty girl fall into the hand of that ugly politician? God dey o

  6. All i can say to ds is dat the little shld av think twice before leaving her education for marriage cos wat is the assurance that Mr Rotimi will not leave her to marry another pretty lady.banke, God be wit u till d end o

  7. Please can somebody give me the definition of love in the face of poverty? pls allow this lady to be, am sure if so many of you have the same chance you won’t let it pass you by. The lady is an ophan with brothers and sisters to look after,do you know how she is copping in school? what is the possiblity she will be gainfully employ after education?. Banke pls ride on so long its your choice to marry the Hon.

  8. Infact i pity u banke. Leavng ur edu nd got married to a politician bcs of money u didn’t think abt ur future at all. Hmm..i pray u wuldn’t regret dis

  9. Young lady, I wish you good luck, But you should have told D Hon to let you round up with your school program if truly love you as claimed.WHY DID YOU COMPROMISE YOUR EDUCATION FOR MONEY?
    Wish you d best.

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