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I Adore Beautiful Clothes – Modupe Ozolua

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I Adore Beautiful Clothes – Modupe Ozolua

Modupe Ozolua Modupe Ozolua

March 3rd, 2012 – I Adore Beautiful Clothes – Modupe Ozolua

One of the pioneer of cosmetic surgery in Nigeria who shuts down her Body Enhancement Spa in Lagos, Modupe Ozolua  in a recent interview revealed some never been heard secrets to her abrupt close-down.

Read the interview excerpts below

A pioneer of cosmetic surgery: Yes, I shut down the Body Enhancement Lagos office last year simply because both the spa and the cosmetic surgery outfit were in the same building.

I also shut down my Abuja office for renovations. It was my choice to open a spa, it was also my choice to close it. I invested and when I felt I wanted to exit the spa business, I informed my clients, shut my doors, packed things up and went on a long overdue vacation.

 Am I financially handicapped? No.

That I had cosmetic surgery: I informed the world that I had cosmetic surgery 12 years ago but that doesn’t mean I transform my body everyday!

How about if I also have some good genes working for me? I take good care of myself. It’s so funny that people are always suspicious of my looks. I exercise daily because I simply love to.

What I will say has changed is since my 38th birthday last October, I suddenly realised I am aging! Meaning I can’t continue eating all the junk foods I loved to eat. I am now choosing more wisely and I am also learning to drink more water now.

I love good food: I obviously don’t diet. Never have. As long as I eat well and exercise, I won’t have to.

 I love clothes and jewellery:

I love buying cosmetics but don’t know how to apply them!  I love seeing them in my drawers. I simply put on mascara, lip-gloss and line my eyes. If I make an effort, I apply a little eye shadow and that’s it. I don’t wear foundation because I like my skin to breathe.

 The best thing that has ever happened to me:

Hmmm! That’s a tough one because God has been good to me.

My worst experience in life:  Yes, I have had my share of ups, downs, joy and pain. I take the punches and keep going, but the passing away of my mother, father and my favourite uncle (at different times) are the worst experiences I have had.

My ideal man: Is one who sees me as his ideal woman. He has the qualities I want in my man and I have what he wants in his woman. Love is a beautiful, wonderful and fulfilling experience only if your object of affection loves you in return.

I define style as:  Wearing whatever I want to, that I believe looks good on me and it suits my mood at that time.

My religious beliefs: Being a born-again Christian is getting closer to God spiritually. It doesn’t change the way I live my life because I have always lived as justly as I can. It doesn’t affect my clothing or other personal choices I have made. My business practices do not in any way conflict with my personal views of beliefs. I became born-again over two years ago and that has not prevented me from conducting surgical sessions for clients this whole time. I conduct my sessions twice a year, April/May and October/November. I have never missed a session and at this very moment, I am already scheduling clients for the next batch.

 Setting up office in Lagos :

I do intend re-opening another office in Lagos sometime this year. I still see clients at my Abuja office and in Lagos at a designated location that is pre-scheduled through my office. All appointments are scheduled in advance, so clients still receive the quality service they are used to getting from me.

 I hate stress

Anything that will unduly stress me out will not be accommodated. I am loving my long vacations and globetrotting.

People see me and pay compliments on how I am glowing, looking well rested and how happy I am. I don’t regret my decision and as far as I am concerned, it was the best decision I took last year! I am on a six-week working vacation, which has been more work than a vacation really!

On this trip alone, I have been to three different continents and six different states all for meetings.

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