“I Was Drunk When I Kissed HarrySong” Uche Ogbodo Confesses

uche ogbodo kissing harrysong

August 4th, 2013 – “I Was Drunk When I Kissed HarrySong” Uche Ogbodo Confesses

Few months ago, a photo of Nigerian actress Uche Ogbodo kissing rapper Harrysong surfaced.

Critics blasts the single actress of scandalous lifestyle after she was caught kissing a married man.

The actress who confirmed she is a drunkard said she did it under the influence of alcohol.

Hear Uche Ogbodo in her own words below;

It was nothing. In fact, my friend and I were hanging out during his birthday and we were just drunk and having fun and playing a game. I just gave him a birthday kiss. Look at the picture very well, it wasn’t a deep kiss. It was a simple birthday kiss. Harrysong is not my boyfriend; he is my good friend. I have never had anything to do with him but we are very close. So, it was just simple birthday kiss that I was just jokingly plastering on his face and people were taking pictures that day.”

Another Sayo actress has been exposed… What a life!

11 thoughts on ““I Was Drunk When I Kissed HarrySong” Uche Ogbodo Confesses

  1. And if its was compassionate and real,is anything wrong with that?come on y’all so called African celeb need to stop leaving a fake life and pretense.

  2. Nufin is wrng wif d pics bt i think she is lying here. Is she drunk be4 kising d dude or jokingly giving him a birthday kiss i see a truth in disguise

  3. The only thing wrong here,is the fact that he is a married man,,,why can’t he respect himself and reserve the kiss for his wife?

  4. u are in luv wit him cus u closed ur eyes while kissing him. if u er not in lov there is no way u would hav close ur eyes.both of u wil make a good couple

  5. everything is wrong wit dat kissing somebody husband u say notin wrong,u guy shld stop supporting evil,she was drunk nd 2morrow if no husband she we put d blame on her parent,pls change ur lifestyle.

  6. Laugh! Different types of kiss. Which one is birthday kiss, wedding kiss or passionate kiss? Besides, there was nothing wrong with that kiss afterall it was just a birthday kiss as she called it

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