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Ibinabo Fiberesima Calls Emeka Ike A Mad Drug Addict, Actor Says Ibinabo In Legal Mess

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Ibinabo Fiberesima Calls Emeka Ike A Mad Drug Addict, Actor Says Ibinabo In Legal Mess

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July 25, 2015 – Ibinabo Fiberesima Calls Emeka Ike A Mad Drug Addict, Actor Says Ibinabo Running Away From Legal Problem

The power tussle issue between Emeka Ike and sacked AGN President Ibinabo Fiberesima is far from over.

Few hours after shared an exclusive story of Emeka Ike’s ongoing divorce battle, the report went viral online and eventually reached Ibinabo who is currently on vacation in the United States.

The moment the report reached Ibinabo, she allegedly recirculated a old eviction story of Emeka Ike.

Emeka Ike immediately debunked the report and blamed Ibinabo for re-circulating it.

Hear what Emeka Ike told a reporter in a WhatsApp chat

“Ibinabo will upload her distraction on the internet and you will quickly rush to celebrate it. Did you speak with her? Did she tell you that? This rumour (eviction rumour) is over two years old now on the net. No thanks to Ibinabo“Please speak to her to hear if that’s what she has to say. Who’s reporting? Who’s asked? If she never came to you please treat all that as trash and wait till she comes to you, then you can ask my side of her own story, not these Ibinabo’s distractions. Please I am not a party to this, not now that she has legal issues all over her” .

Ibinabo didn’t waste anytime, she quickly fired back at Emeka Ike via Blackberry Messenger.

She said,  “Haa, that boy has gone mad. Me Ke? What is my business with him?”. “I thought he lives in a hotel. He must definitely be on very cheap drugs. I don’t know why he keeps referring to me. The case is between him and the Board of Trustees. He called me to help him push them over it, then he went to the press to curse me over it. He must be truly demented.”

Since Ibinabo was sacked from her post, Emeka Ike has become the acting President of the Actors Guild Of Nigeria.



  1. Egon Idahosa

    July 25, 2015 at 6:15 AM

    Eme please leave this as***lle alone and face your family problem

  2. faith

    July 25, 2015 at 12:14 PM

    At least he has no blood on his hand


    July 25, 2015 at 1:22 PM

    When other film practiciners refer to AGN/Nollywood as a tribal organisation, they could not be far from right and as such they do not feel the sense belonging in there. The plurality that should have been the cadinal character of such organisation has been largely tainted by inward-looking tribal greed. It is no surprising the infighting in the AGN/Nollywood has been reduced to acrimonious attacks of personalities within the organisation. There’s no any other countries anywhere else that such an organisation as AGN/Nollywood which is surpposed to be an umbrella under which practiciners of the works arts are regulated and protected but, ends up been hijacked by a group of self interest seeker individuals just, to promote separatist idiology and self conceited tribal hegemony. The Americans have the Hollywood under which American films are regulated without a devided agenda and, so are the Indians under Bollywood, both from where Nigeria borrowed the ideas. Unfortunately however, Nigeria happens to be populated by a conglomirate of tribes among who certain aggrieved sections of the country continues to promote separatist agenda on the persived backdrop of being marginalised hense, the inclinations of an inherent separatists idiology which has beclouded their mentality in all sphere of their relationships with the rest of the component parts that constitute the nation Nigeria. Take a stroll to all Nigerian markets all over the country and you’ll be amazed at the blockade of other traders breaking into their ranks, reminiscent of the hijack of AGN/Nollywood organisation and, the extent of cartelisations of Nigerian retail markets. Any wonder this same tribe is always at the opposite end of everthing that is in the common interest of sovereign state of Nigeria.? If the economic roof under which Nigeria subsist as a sovereign state is sabotagged under pseudo tribal organisations and needless protests as is manifests in their everyday utterances and the nation is wished to collapse, just for the vague self interest of individual group; it certainly will serves nobody any reprieve under the roof except to reinforce and intensify the unenviable normadic characteristics of the people of the East.


    July 26, 2015 at 12:02 AM

    i never knew that even young men can still be this desperate .i,ve lost all respect 4 Emeka .Ike! what a louzy young fellow.there are 99 reasons to believe that Emeka is really frustrated with his marital problems .EMEKA .IKE , YOU ARE ONLY MAKING IBINABO FIB EGBUKA MORE IMPORTANT AND POPULAR .OR HV U HAD INTENTIONS OF HVING HER 4 URSELF AND SHE RESPONDED NEGATIVELY,BCOS I CAN,T IMAGINE TALKING SO MUCH 4 ONLY NOLLYWOOD TUSSLE, WHEN YOUR COLLEAGUES LIKE DESMOND ELIOT,JIM IYK ,TERRY-GEE ,MIKE OZURONYE ,MICHEAL GODSON,ARE MATCHING 4WARD .

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