Imo State Born Gospel Star Ada Ehi: I Met My Husband Moses Ehi In Church


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October 16, 2017 – Nigerian Gospel Star Ada Ehi: I Met My Husband Ehi Moses In Church, My Inspiration Comes From The Holy Spirit

The writer of “Only you can do what no man can do Jehovah’, a popular song in Pentecostal churches, Ada Ehi has granted her third interview of the year.

The graduate of Chemical and Polymer Engineering followed her passion for Christ immeidately after she left school.

Ada Ogochukwu Ehi who was born in Lagos on the 18th of September 1987 hails from Imo state.

See what she told The Entertainer about her career and marriage.

Tell us your first day on stage

That was a long time ago. I was a little girl then. I sang with Tosin Jegede

I sang Little Child by Tosin Jegede. It was a long time ago. I was her back-up singer.

First trip abroad

I’m not sure which country but I know it is a West African country. But now, I can’t count how many countries I have been to.

how old is ada ehi

First car

It was a BMW. I sold it some years ago.

First day you met your husband

I met him in the church. I was busy working and didn’t know he was watching me all along. We became friends and the rest is history.

First pregnancy

That was two years after I got married. I had a baby girl. It was okay. I had no complications. I got married in 2008 to Ehi Moses.

First inspiration as a singer?

My inspiration is the Holy Ghost. People just sit down and watch TV and all sorts. You must understand that your mind is very receptive so you have to guard what you put in your mind. I keep off from many things because I don’t like any strange inspiration because you don’t know what is going through you. The devil is not joking. Have fellowship with the Holy Ghost, be in a church, be under the ministry of the word, the bible. Talk about giving yourself to the ministry of the word. All these will work together to make you a minister of God without blemish or wrinkle.

First internet ‘Likes’

I released a video in February and it hit over one million views. It is on Youtube. The title is, ‘What Can’t You Do Jesus. In less than a month when you have secular videos struggling with 300,000 in one month.

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