In Pictures: Mercy Johnson’s Family & Benedict Okojie Storm Dublin In Style

mercy johnson dublin airport

October 4th, 2015 – In Pictures: Mercy Johnson’s Family & Benedict Okojie Storm Dublin In Style

The Okojies arrived Dublin on Thursday for the Perod Foundation Global Award and Miss Nigeria Ireland 2015.

The couple were sponsored to Dublin by the organizers of Perod Award & MNI 2015.

Benedict Okojie beside his elder brother.

MJ arriving at the airport on Thursday.

11 thoughts on “In Pictures: Mercy Johnson’s Family & Benedict Okojie Storm Dublin In Style

  1. What does it take you to wait till your boy is at least 1 year before you get pregnant again. I thought mercy johnson know better than this. Her husband is a typical illiterate so I don’t blame him

  2. Very mean comments. She’s happy, may be even happier than all that are shouting here. What’s yo case? Mercy, the sky is the limit. I just like yo talent.Go gal!

    • Any married woman living with her husband can get pregnant at any time, get married and have an EXPERIENCE of wAT AM TALKING about.not all family planning pills works.

  3. my own is now that Mercy’s husband is dazzling with his new kids, what about the other children from his forma wife. or has he forgotten or abandon them? hmmmm am just asking ooo because what goes up must surely come down even with a very strong GRAVITATIONAL FORCE.

  4. Wat is ur problem even if she doesn’t wat to space her kids leave her alone dat is nt ur house allow her to do wat is on her mind her husband luv it dat wat amebong

  5. Pretty lady, when ever I watched your movies or see your pic I always feel like been your friend or like you, I admired you alot

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