In Pictures: The Beautiful City Of Ibadan Oyo State Nigeria

ibadan beautiful

January 27, 2016 – Photos: The Beautiful City Of Ibadan Oyo State Nigeria

If you haven’t been to Ibadan in a while, you are missing out.

Under the leadership of Governor Abiola Ajimobi, the capital city of Oyo State has become a hotspot for tourists all over the country.

Check out these amazing aerial views of Ibadan

Poolside of Agodi Parks Ibadan 

Agodi Parks Ibadan

Dugbe junction in Ibadan

dugbe ibadan

Aerial view of Glass House Oluyole Ibadan

glass house oluyole ibadan

We now know why Nollywood actress Toyin Aimakhu suddenly left Lagos for this beautiful city.

8 thoughts on “In Pictures: The Beautiful City Of Ibadan Oyo State Nigeria

  1. Well done, Governor Ajimobi. I can’t believe the dirty home town of my ancestors can be this beautiful. As for Latifat, you don’t know what you are missing if you haven’t traveled outside of your country to see the beauty of Paris, America and some parts of Europe. However, I am proud of what our Governor has been doing in Ibadan. Congratulations.

  2. @laifat, why are u mounting huge curse on yourself?? so if God himself should destined your life to Canada so that your children will be the next Black Canadian president and grate Business man or woman like Bill Gate, that means u no go go or wish sef, instead u like to die put for that just 3 beautiful location city dem show here… why dem no sho Nalende, Sabo, Salvation Army, Ogbere tioya, Ogbere toya, and inside Mokola??? sidon there dey curse ya sef…I was born inside Adamasigb link to Sabo, but i thank God say God carry me comot there.

  3. It’s amazes me how you all and toyin are educated illetrates…how can u be comparing ibadan which is just a fraction of oyo state to Lagos state which stretches from Badagry to epe…. It’s bot like she lives and filmed only in Ikea… It’s not the fault of the government that all parts of Lagos is developed unlike other lazy ads governors the think only the capital city is enough

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