Ireti Doyle Congratulates Adesua Etomi On Her Wedding Day


ireti doyle adesua etomi

Nov 25, 2017 – Ireti Doyle Congratulates Adesua Etomi On Her Wedding Day

Here is how Adesua’s Godmother in Nollywood, Ireti Doyle celebrated her today as she’s about to get married.

“Were I to choose a role model for my 13 year old daughter…you would be amongst the very select few.

There is no such thing as a totally flawless person, yet you have carried yourself with grace, dignity and a certain “awareness” that many (regardless of age) are yet to master. Were i asked to describe you in one word it would be #clean.

Well done my Lady…@bankywellington is lucky to have found you…
@adesuaetomi …one day imma sit you down and tell you exactly how I feel about you …but in the main time let’s go get you wed!!! (Is that oyinbo even correct???) Who cares!!!

And oh…when today’s celebration is over, I shall go home and sleep wella; resting assured in the knowledge that the Lord God Almighty who has brought you thus far, has got both of you in the palm of His hands and @bankywellington has got you in his.

It shall continue to be well with you and all that you do…congratulations my darling.”