Is Blossom Taylor Charles Taylor’s Daughter As She Claims?

charles taylor daughter blossomEbube Nwagbo(L), Blossom (R)

Sept 26, 2013 – Is Blossom Taylor Charles Taylor’s Daughter As She Claims?

According to Maestro Media, Blossom Taylor was recently introduced as one of the daughters of now jailed ex-warlord, Charles Taylor.

As we speak, the story making round is that Blossom Taylor now based in Canada might not be the daughter of Charles Taylor as she claims.

charles taylorCharles Taylor

But wait a minute, why would anyone go to such length to claim to be who they are not?

Blossom Taylor has a lot of questions to answer regarding her claim.

7 thoughts on “Is Blossom Taylor Charles Taylor’s Daughter As She Claims?

  1. I know her very well she was adopted by Charles Taylor,im from liberia so I know the whole story,she lived with him in monrovia, when he moved to nigeria she moved there with him,she still till this day visit him in prison where he is, so she’s not lying about that,he may have not given birth to her but loves that’s the big deal,i know its some off his real who are on drugs and don’t want to do anything with there lives starting this drama, cause the gist in monrovia was they say he puts her above them and she’s trying to take there place,but the funny thing is till this day she still help with his bills in jail.what are the so called real children doing?

  2. This girl is very nice person,why are people so hateful, I don’t know her but it’s clearly the work of people who know the truth and are just out to destroy her..I have friends in liberia who told me she did live with Charles Taylor and call his dad,.

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