Is Dora Akunyili Dead Or Alive??? Ex-NAFDAC Boss Health Update


dora akunyili dead

May 30, 2014 – Is Dora Akunyili Dead Or Alive??? Ex-NAFDAC Boss Health Update

Dora Akunyili On Death Bed In India As Cancer Reaches Terminal Stage

Hi guys, for the past three hours news have been circulating like crazy that Dora Akunyili is dead, please ignore it for now, she is not dead. can authoritatively confirm with you that Mrs Dora Akunyili is not dead yet. She is still alive though gravely ill.

Her cancer stage is terminal and her family are believing God for a turnaround.

A source in India who gave us the detail this afternoon said Dora Akunyili is currently responding to treatment but her condition is not improving that much.

No camera is allowed in her hospital room.

My source said Dora Akunyili is on her death bed…meaning her chances of survival is little.

Dora Akunyili chose to stay at the Confab conference in Abuja instead of catering to her health, that is how much she loves her country.

Please remember her in your prayers because there is nothing God can’t do.

Her spokesman also debunked the death rumour on Facebook few minutes ago.

In his own words:

“Please disregard the rumour about Prof dora akunyili purported death. It is the same baseless rumour circulated every 2/3 days by some people for reasons best known to them.

They have been at this for about 4 weeks now and are likely to continue, since they apparently derive pleaseure from doing so. The situation as confirmed by former Anambra governor Peter Obi who visited Dora in the hospital erlier this week is that she is getting better. Thank you all

Isaac Umunna, Media Adviser to Prof Dora Akunyili Lagos May 30, 2014″

The story that started from Leadership newspaper three hours ago has been removed.

So please ignore the rumour, Prof Dora Akunyili is not dead