Beverly Osu’s New Boyfriend?


beverly osu new boyfriend

March 5, 2014 – Is This Beverly Osu’s New Boyfriend?

Beverly Ada Osu, the former BBA representative from Nigeria might have stylishly revealed the face of her new lover.

From her Twitter messages, it appeared she has put Angelo behind her.

Read her tweets below:

Message to haters

“virgin or not.. in this generation people label you as a hoe just by how many guys you know or how many guys on your line
I’m not what i have done – I’m what i have overcome. So pls know wat i ve gone through b4 u give me ur title “

A special message for her lover

“When we first met, I had no idea you’d become this important to me! I was rude and bossy lol but now am loyal, overprotective and in LOVE”

So who is this lucky man?

They seem to have something in common, check out their lips! #muaaaah things