It’s Christmas Time, The Season Of Goodwill, Let’s Have A Help-A-Friend Day

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December 18, 2015 – It’s Christmas Time, The Season Of Goodwill, Let’s Have A Help-A-Friend Day

An article By Isaac Aluko Ademoroti

Last year we had the ice-bucket challenge and celebrities all over the world couldn’t wait to have a bucket of ice or freezing water poured over their heads in the name of charity.

A lot of money raised has gone towards financing needy projects around the world.

Do we have to wait for others to come up with more ways to be charitable when we can become more charitable, ourselves, everyday?

In a world where tech billionaires are giving away more than ninety per cent of their wealth to help fund charitable causes around the world, why can’t we chip in with our Widows Mite?

So let’s have a ‘Help-A-Friend’ Day where we go out and help somebody in need – it doesn’t have to be your friend, could be anyone.

You don’t have to make a song and dance about it (as some people might do!) do it from the selfless kindness of your heart ; you don’t even need to let your right hand know what your left hand is doing.

In his book ‘Notes from a friend’, Tony Robbins stresses the need to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Yes, times are tough and we’re all struggling, but whatever we’re going through there’s always someone out there going through worse; we all have something we can spare and giveaway. Sometimes I see somebody needier than myself and think,” he/she needs it more than I do”.

We are a very wasteful species often procuring or buying more than we need or can consume – we throw away last season’s clothes, we throw away last night’s leftovers, we throw away barely used shoes, PCs, radios, TVs etc. why not give it directly to someone who needs it?

By giving away unwanted clothes, food or even the coins in your pocket, you can make somebody’s day.

How about giving a percentage of your income directly to the needy?

So let’s give, give, give…..and why one day? Why not every day? Let’s do it. Let’s make the world a better place.

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