Juliet Ibrahim: Yes My Marriage Has Crashed, I Kept It Secret Because Of My Child

juliet ibrahim husband picsJuliet & Ex-Husband

June 22, 2014 – Juliet Ibrahim: Yes My Marriage Has Crashed, I Kept It Secret Because Of My Child

Yesterday Nollywood actor IK Ogbona exposed Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim’s long kept secret after he uploaded a video on YouTube begging her to take him back.

Though he later deleted the video but the secret is out.

To confirm our suspicions, Juliet Ibrahim herself has opened up in a press statement.

She claimed her marriage ended long ago and that she kept it secret because of the baby boy she delivered for her Ghanaian husband Kwadwo Safo. The marriage reportedly ended over irreconcilable differences.

In her own words;

“Some marriages work and others do not…But when there is a child involved, the interest of the child should be placed beyond that of any other person—and that is what we’ve done over the years for the little boy…So those of you who think we do not have conscience—we have when it REALLY matters!,” she said.

She is now dating a younger Nigerian actor IK Ogbonna.
juliet ibrahim ik ogbonnaIK & Juliet

The Nollywood actor has joined the like of Jim Iyke who is currently dating Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari.

IK Ogbonna is 24 while Juliet Ibrahim is 28. Hope they work out.

10 thoughts on “Juliet Ibrahim: Yes My Marriage Has Crashed, I Kept It Secret Because Of My Child

  1. Pretty girls always have problem controlling their libido that is why I can’t never marry a pretty lady

  2. little do these celeb know that DIVORCE is highly Abominable before our Maker…all divored mus go bak to their EXs

  3. Hmmmm,story dat touches d heart,na true bcos of ur baby boy,u hide am,##smshweshhhh##,but d guy face I knw on tv,buh d geh face I knw not,only heard her name d time she wanted to start comparin hersef wit kim K.

  4. I expected dis coming,wen I heared dat she z married I was lik;Wow!hmmmmm so she z married but hearing of dis our celebs anthem repeating itself made me 2 beliv more in my instinct:Kept it secret cos ur child u said,pals follow me nd check out d pics of deze 2 young men isn’t obvious dat she did it just 4 herself?2 me d Ex is more homely dan her current Lover…well Juliet welcom 2 d que.Hahahahahahaha(SHAMELESS)

  5. juliet go back to ur husband no matter what happened 4give him 4 d sake of ur that little boy or except the guy in question is remarried but if he’s still single my advice in this case is 4 u both to work it out pls my dear have ur children in one place bcos jumping from one man to another is not good and in the future it might affect ur children so dear think about it.

  6. Am not surprise at all,wen I heared dat she z married I was lik;Wow!hmmmmm!so she z married,me hearing dis our celebs national anthem being repeated by Juliet made me 2 trust my instinct even more cos I saw it coming:Just hear her talk;We kept it a secrete cos of our child,dats arrant nonsense,Pals pls just check out d pics of deze 2 young men nd kno exactly wat made her leave her Ex…cos 2 me her Ex z more homly dan dis her current lover…Hahahahahahahaha(SHAMLESS)

  7. This lady is a cheep harlot, no wonder she like being every where. if you did not see her with davido, you will see her with widzki, Ik , Dbanja etc.

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