Kaffy The Dance Queen Flaunts Her Pregnancy Baby Bump “I’m 18 Weeks Pregnant”

kaffy the dancer pregnancy baby bump

August 22, 2013 – Kaffy The Dancer Flaunts Her Pregnancy Baby Bump “I’m 18 Weeks Pregnant”

When the pregnancy story of Kaffy the dance queen surfaced few days ago, none of us are aware she’s this big.

Well the beautiful mother of one has finally revealed her cute baby bump.

Kaffy revealed via her instagram page last week that she’s 18 weeks pregnant.

“Am looking fab nd pregnant @ 18 weeks”

kaffy the dancer baby bump

The dance queen took to her Twitter page few hours ago to share some useful tips about pregnancy.

Check out her tweets below;

“There r a lot of misconceptions nd myths around ur body when u r pregnant that needs to be corrected.always research nd stay.
Pls ladies or hubbies follow me on Instagram @FABnPREG fr one-on-one talk abt ur health,fashion nd lifestyle during and after pregnancy”
Exercise is very important b4 ,during and after pregnancy.once u get cleared by ur doc,u r free to workout during pregnancy.STAY FAB
Hey Ladies dnt let d stress of pregnancy hold u down remember u still d same beautiful u.u just a blessed vessel of God at d moment.

For those who do not know her, Kafayat Shafau Ameh aka Kaffy is the CEO of Imagneto Dance Company.
She is also a fitness coach and a one time World’s Record Holder.

Congrats to her.

21 thoughts on “Kaffy The Dance Queen Flaunts Her Pregnancy Baby Bump “I’m 18 Weeks Pregnant”

  1. How u come show ur bare pregnancy belly for net now???? watch out 4 winch winch people make dem no suck ur baby oooo just a warning.

  2. Abi o liona but mind u who knows weda she be member o® wat do u fink.u don’t need to expose ur belly b4 the world will know u r pregnant people will surely see it.

  3. Damn…showing ur protroding stomach on net suckz…we are africans nt westerners….let be responsible for once….kaffy am wishing u happy first..second and third trimester….and crown it all with save deliverly

  4. Am highly disapointed in u kaffy 4 dis act of urs exposing ur pregnancy 2 d word don’t u knw risk mostly sombody of ur calibre nd u er 4rm yoruba tribe my prayer is dat God wil deliver u savely but b very careful as well

  5. ummmmmmmm!na wao!so we got to expose evry thng abt ourselves now…this kind fashion na serious one oooooo

  6. I can’t help wondering how insane these celebrities are getting. So can she explain why she flaunted her belly? They are reason why those whites call us apes bcos this is a real time character of an ape.

  7. Chai,no be small insult o.
    Una too dey insult for naija.
    A little advice would ve done de magic.
    Well,me no support kaffy rara.u fucked up big time..
    Winchy winchy dem no dey again?
    I bow for u o sisi kaffy.

  8. All u need now is save delivery,may God help u…….kaffy ma lady,u dont av to expose ur tommy to the wench outside,since u posted it dat u are pregnant,then baby(ies)is wot pple will be xpectin…..plz dont do this kind stuff again……LUV U MRS

  9. Ah hate nigerianz nd dere comment ah swear nutin d qal did deserve all diz insultz,u pple ra sick nd even if u ra commentin will she (←_←)(→_→) et?

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