Kalu Ikeagwu’ Ex-Girlfriend Alex Okoroji Reacts To Actor’ Upcoming Wedding, Says She Is Still Single

alex okoroji kalu ikeagwu ex girlfriend

June 22, 2016 – Kalu Ikeagwu’s Ex-Girlfriend Alex Okoroji Reacts To Actor’s Upcoming Wedding, Says She’s Still Single

TV show host Alex Okoroji has reacted to the upcoming wedding of her ex-boyfriend, Kalu Ikeagwu and his new girlfriend, Ijeoma Eze.

In an exclusive chat with RazzleDazzle, the actress wished her handsome ex-boyfriend nothing but happiness.

“Oh, I’m super excited for him. Kalu is a good man and marriage is a beautiful thing if you find the one who can make the journey worthwhile. He has found the ONE and I couldn’t be more proud of him and excited for the new path ahead of them both. I wish them many more blessings and a love that will never wither” – Alex Okoroji said

When asked if she has any marriage plan, the actress said:

“I’m not in control of the future. But, surely if I find a man that adds incredible value to my life and makes it even more beautiful than it is already, I will be more than happy to take that journey with him. For now, I’m married to my work”

Miss Alex Okoroji was once married to Ghanaian actor Omar Captain, they both had a child.

Her ex-boyfriend, Kalu Ikeagwu will be getting this coming Saturday June 25th, 2016 in Enugu.

15 thoughts on “Kalu Ikeagwu’ Ex-Girlfriend Alex Okoroji Reacts To Actor’ Upcoming Wedding, Says She Is Still Single

  1. This is how they pretend in public later she would go and start doing juju for the man and planning assassination!!!
    She is very anoyed in her mind!!! pretender! why talking about him at all. why don’t you talk about your own life, when the journalist asked about your formal boyfriend you should have said nothing.

  2. Really Rapo? Really?. When the interviewer asked her about it, she would have said nothing and stared at the camera..really??

    So people like you can say she is jealous for not answering the question on tv.

    And the same set of judgemental people like you who ask their own disgusting dirty laundry to think about, will still abuse for giving a very decent answer.

    The truth is that whatever she says or does concerning the issue, your style will still have something negative to say.


  4. You’re very right. Deep inside her mind she’s not happy at all. They all pretend as if they’re are jealous. Wakawaka babe.

  5. @Rapo….damned if she did, damned if she didn’t. Women can never get a break. Yes in some cases, you might be right but let us give here the benefit of the doubt. A woman shouldn’t just marry a man just because they dated. Happiness is what matters. Nothing has happened to him and if he wasnt shady to her, nothing will. We forget how men treat women in this part of the world. I say, instead of wasting time being bitter and jealous of her ex, she should work at been the best woman another man will meet. Trust me, it works!!!! So to you girl, i say work on yourself and bring the best to the table for the next man who would complement you!!Cheers!!!

  6. My dear, its not every man that you dated, that you must marry. Forget all the critics. All of them didn’t end up with their first love and some of them are still searching. God will surely bless you with a man that understands you.

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