Kate Henshaw’s Life Story Book Launch In Lagos Nigeria On Sept 17

kate henshaw the word of an actress

Sept 6, 2013 – Nigerian Actress Kate Henshaw’s Life History Book Launch In Lagos Nigeria On Sept 17

Nollywood actress turned fitness instructor, Kate Henshaw has become a book author.

The all smile movie diva who recently returned from the United States of America is set to launch her first book titled “Kate Henshaw -The world of an actress, My story in Lagos Nigeria.

On Tuesday the 17th of September 2013, the Nollywood actress will officially launch her history book.

Those who have previewed the book claim it’s fully loaded with a lot of information that an experienced movie star can ONLY reveal.

Here are few photo excerpts from the first chapter of Kate Henshaw the world of an actress, my story book.

kate henshaw the world of an actress

kate henshaw life history book

See Kate back in the days…time flies

[Photos Credit: Kate Henshaw]

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  3. U r indeed a gr8 actress, l luv u. I ws der in Unica wenl u cam 4 WIMBIZ program to enlighten students on how 2 live deir life. Well done ma dear!

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