Kehinde Akinremi, Chief Kanran Is Single & Looking For A Wife, Nollywood Actor Says Wife Dead


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May 30, 2015 – Kehinde Akinremi, Chief Kanran Is Single & Desperately Looking For A Wife, Actor Says Wife Died Of Cancer, Mother Is 120 Years Old

Nollywood Actor Chief Kanran Suffers Heart Attack Over Heart Break, Says He’s Yet To Find A Wife 

See excerpts from veteran Nollywood actor Chief Kanran’s recent interview with Punch’s Ademola Olonilua

Interviewer: Back then, ladies used to flock around you…

It is very true that they used to flock around me and they still do even up till now. Someone has to be very careful because if not for God, ladies flocking around me should have pushed me to hell. That makes me feel bad at times because I am a widower. I am just praying to God to provide me with somebody that is Christ-like that would be the bone of my bone. I am searching for somebody that would be like my sister, mother, friend, confidant, companion and my wife.

Interviewer: So you are still open to love?

Yes, my heart is very much open to love.

Interviewer:  How long has your wife died?

She died several years ago. She died of breast cancer.

Interviewer: And since her death, you have not seen a lady you are attracted to?

Most of the ladies I have been meeting are those who they refer to as ‘runs’ girls. They are people that claim to be what they are not. They are people that want to have a relationship with you because of what they can get from you. They feel that because you are a famous person, you have money and connection and with that name, they can achieve a lot. They just want to get money from you and leave you. Some believe that if they are in a relationship with you, they are entitled to about half a million Naira monthly and when they get close to you and realise that things are not done that way, they leave. They forget that we need to work together, love me for what I am first and you will see what I can do. Those are not wife material and they are not who I am looking for. I have gone through the scriptures very well and there are a lot of virtuous women there. There are two ladies I was really close with and thought that we were going to get married before things went sour.

Interviewer: Why?

The first lady’s father did not permit me to marry his daughter. I tried my best to make peace with him but he said that he did not have anything against me but his bitterness was toward his child. He said that he had placed a curse on the lady and whoever married her would have problems. I called the lady and told her to beg her father but she refused. He said that he had invested a lot in raising his children but their mother succeeded in instigating them against him. He said that as the children were all grown and meant to support him, they abandoned him. Because of that, he placed a curse on them. That is a father that cannot forgive. Ironically the man was a priest.

Interviewer: So what about the second lady?

The other lady said that I was nobody because the people that were asking for her hand in marriage then were governors, top military personnel, chiefs, etc. Because her father is a half-caste, the children have similar features. She is a very pretty lady. They stayed in an area that housed the rich in Surulere and I would trek from Mosalashi to see her. It got to a stage that they poured the water they used to wash plates on me and told me not to come there again. The funny thing is that the lady has a child for me. We were in love initially but her parents split us at the end of the day. We did not live as husband and wife for a day.

Interviewer: How do you cope with loneliness?

To be honest with you, loneliness is literally killing me gradually. I find it difficult to live alone again. My wife and I were married for about 20 years. I leave home for work, nobody calls or check up on me. After work, you face traffic, get home stressed and you still have to find something to eat. If there is nothing to eat, then you go to bed hungry. My mother is 120 years old and everyday, she keeps telling me to re-marry but the people that are coming my way are not wife materials and I cannot stand that. On two occasions I almost died of heart attack and it was my neighbours that helped me to the hospital. I had the attacks because I was thinking too much over a partnership I had with some that turned sour. I spent two weeks in the hospital during both incidents.