Key Points From Fayose’s Inauguration Speech & Swearing In Pictures


fayose inaguration speech

Oct 16, 2014 – Key Points From New Ekiti State Governor Ayo Fayose’s Inauguration Speech & Swearing In Photos

  • Fayose Tells Ekiti People To Get Ready For Christmas Rice & Chicken

It is official Ayo Fayose has been sworn in as the new governor of Ekiti State.

He however didn’t take over power in peace. During his inauguration speech, he sounded like an angry lion and blasts the hell out of his opponent and members of All Progressives Congress Party, APC.

See key points from his inauguration speech below.

  • Everyone should observe a minute silence for All Progressives Congress. May their soul rest in perfect peace. They’ve departed our state forever.
  • I am the Governor that eats Boli (roasted plantain) with you and drinks Agbo Jedi (local herbal drink) with you.
  • You have successfully suported me in sending them (APC) back to their masters in Lagos. Not in our history again will they come back to our state.
  • God said to me that I should say with my heart; that i should forgive Ekiti people for removing me in the first place. I declare peace, prosperity employment, progress and stomach infrastructure for the people of Ekiti.
  • That government house you are looking at, when we finish here, I am going to lead you there. You are going to sleep there tonight. Open all the rooms and sleep there.
  • It is difficult for a man to get a second chance. I will banish hunger in your midst. I will work hard to put food on your table.
  • I am going to appoint a special adviser for stomach infrastructure. Tarring your road is wonderful, but food in the stomach is important. Already, I am grooming your chickens for Christmas and I am getting your rice ready.
  • Fayemi had the money and power, but he disconnected himself from the people. We have over 157 state accounts, and none of them has N1million in it.
  • My government was seized in the jugular by the power mongering demagod. The ship of state drifted with neither compass nor navigator. You know them, they are always the first to paint a picture that is different from the truth in the media.
  • The same margin I gave to Adebayo was the same I gave to Fayemi. The only difference is that Fayemi was defeated in the 16 local government areas. It was 16-0.

See more photos from the swearing in ceremony of Ayo Fayose below:

Hear speech…No wonder they call him area fada.  No worry his people love him like that.

I hear his prayerful born again wife is the secret behind his success… What a lucky man!