Lady Ordered Sexy Jumpsuit She Saw On Instagram & Got The Opposite

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May 19, 2016 – Lady Ordered Sexy Jumpsuit She Saw On Instagram & Got The Opposite

A lady getting ready to ‘dress to kill’ this summer ordered the above sexy jumpsuit.

She was shocked to the bone when the online boutique delivered a different jumpsuit to her.

Ladies need to keep in mind that these online boutique owners copy beautiful image from other websites for marketing purpose.

Make una shine eyes.

11 thoughts on “Lady Ordered Sexy Jumpsuit She Saw On Instagram & Got The Opposite

  1. Good for her. Both jump suit almost look alike and she’s even fat that’s why it didn’t fit her.

  2. Honestly they are not quite the same but keep in mind the body are not same either…proportional body shape have lot to say in fashion..

    So try and keep it real before you buy!

  3. Humm na wah o; so how does this lady think she can wear that style and look nice in it with that shape? talk of chalk and cheese!

  4. Hahahahahah! Hahahahahah! Hahahahahah! If this laugh did not kill me, then I must be a strong man. Hahahahahahh! Omo, see shape! Who told her she’s the same with the lady in the adverising pix? The jumpsuits are the same. Just find a better figure and see for yourself. Hahahaha!

  5. Hahahahahaha there somthing the Yoruba people called “ Okpolo“ meaning a FROG. That‘s how she look like.

    I take a stroll…

  6. Just for laugh…..the more you look,the less you see.

    The only thing to complain here is body shape and not the cloth.

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