Lagos State Residents Registration: Nollywood Stars Storm Alausa

lagos state residents registration

June 5, 2014 – Lagos State Residents Registration: Nollywood Stars Storm  Alausa Ikeja Flaunt Resident Cards

On Tuesday Nollywood actors Yemi Solade, Segun Arinze, Jide Kosoko joined their colleagues to participate in the Lagos State Residents Exercise that held at Adeyemi Bero auditorium in Alausa, Ikeja Lagos.

Other celebrities who came to register include Doris Simeon, Kate Henshaw, Adebayo Salami Oga Bello, Mama Rainbow, Foluke Daramola, KSA, Kunde Afod, Gbenga Adeyinka the first, Alibaba, Joke Silva, Nike Peller, Boy Alinco and Papa Ajasco.

See Nollywood stars with their resident cards below:

Fashola has turned Lagos to little abroad **wink**.

9 thoughts on “Lagos State Residents Registration: Nollywood Stars Storm Alausa

  1. I like this to Register, and know who and who live in Lagos, where, names,then when Nigeria break up, we will know who to send back to their zone of their new country, only who marry person from S.west can stay in our capital Lagos By God grace and Fashola will be our first President in Odu Republic, cos is the best Govt.

  2. This is rigth step in right direction, beleive me this is d way to check security.this is what d fedra govt should hv don

  3. Total waste of funds. Will I need to show an I.D before entering into Lagos? This is the beginning of dividing the country. Each state can as well take their cue from Lagos State, then we will need to carry I.D to go to our various villages. Anyone born in Lagos has a birth certificate issued to him or her and if you work in Lagos you should have your tax clearance. It is those who migrated to Lagos in search of greener pasture and do not have a birth certificate nor pay tax that will probably need the I.D. I know most of the T.V stars mentioned were not born in Lagos so I am not surprised they are the first to go and register.

    • Is this how Fashola intend to unite Nigeria? For those suggesting that the Federal government follow in Lagos state’s steps it shows they are not Nigerians, if not they would have known that we already have National I.D cards from the Federal Government. If Lagos state is really serious about knowing Lagos residents then all they need ask for is a voters card, it will also help them to curb the issue of people living in Lagos state and going to their state of origin to vote during election.

  4. Registrations should probably apply to Lagos State contractors alone, unless indigenes of Lagos state wants to be harassed in other states of the Federation as well. Is this how Fashola intends to build the one Nigeria? I thought we already have a national I.D card for those suggesting that the Federal government follow Lagos state’s lead, I think they are probably not Nigerians. I would have thought he will say people should show their voters card, that will be something more progressive and will force people to register and vote in their area of abode. If you live in Lagos and register to vote outside Lagos then you may not be able to register your wards in Lagos state owned schools, unless one of the spouse shows a Lagos state voters card.

  5. In all honesty I personnally do not think there is any relevance or importance for a state identification, what exactly is the use? it is for work? exiting or entering the city?….. though the idea sounds really legitimate, I think there are better things the government could do to better serve it’s citizen, like constant electricity, good pipe running water, adequate medication in government hospitals also good road and well secured city. Spending so much to print a piece of paper with a picture does not and would not make a difference in children graduating from school without a job…………… huummmm, think twice and set your priority straight. We need production companies that could/would provide job for young graduates. Growing up, I remember people working in Apapa, Ilupeju in the factories, assembly companies and whole lot more, where are the companies? we need jobs that would save children from stealing and taking to robbery.

  6. This is very funny there are many people living in lagos that don’t have NAMES, ADDRESS AND FAMILY. there are people living in lagos that are called Siiiiii, SOME ARE CALLED huuuuuuuuuu “NO NAME”, how will you give account of these people at the end this is a total waist.

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