Laide Bakare Named The Worst Dressed Nollywood Actress At Mercy Aigbe’s 40th Birthday Party

laide bakare worst dressed actress mercy aigbe birthday party

January 3rd, 2018 – Laide Bakare Named The Worst Dressed Nollywood Celebrity At Mercy Aigbe’s 40th Birthday Party

Controversial Nollywood actress Laide Bakare, the wife of Alhaji ATM has been called out for wearing a ‘Wawu’ dress to the wedding-themed 40th birthday party of her colleague, Mercy Aigbe.

According to fillers on ground at the event which held on New Year’s day, the actress who appeared intoxicated was seen all over the place.

It reportedly took the intervention of some of her female colleagues to get her back to order at some point.

Our source said at the mother of three was asked to watch out as her boobs were popping everywhere in the extremely sexy sleeveless dress she wore to the occasion.

Check her out on the dance floor in the video below and take a look at the young guy to her left.

“There is nothing honourable in a mother throwing her boobs all over the place at such event. She was a bit too loose at the party, I felt really uncomfortable with her, I was just praying she doesn’t disgrace womanhood. Her dress is pretty but the exposed chest destroyed the whole thing” – said a Nollywood source who was at the party

Here are some photos of the mother of three at the event.

15 thoughts on “Laide Bakare Named The Worst Dressed Nollywood Actress At Mercy Aigbe’s 40th Birthday Party

  1. You see, the reason we as a Nation is still far behind is the simple fact that we remained buried in this stupid archaic thinking of ours. We don’t keep up with what is going on in today’s high techy world. During my days, women cannot wear shorts/knickers, they are prostitutes. Women dare not
    smoke, they are prostitutes. Common people. In this picture of Laide Bakare, exactly where is the problem? Did you see the Nipples…..? NO. It is not uncommon to see beautiful ladies these days, be it at Award shows, Social Events, to PRIDE themselves over the GIFT OF BEAUTY that God gave them. And that is the SUMPTUOUS BREAST.

    • Are you supporting the trash this woman is wearing. Did you watch the video
      Do you see the way she is throwing everything around.
      Do you see the dick harrison of the small guy in white rising?
      Cmon common sense dedicates that a mother should present herself in this careless manner.

      • And u called that Elegant Dress Trash? That is, in fact, one of the most beautiful dress of the evening, and anyone criticizing this must be a low-key, conservative person. I watched the Video. What was she throwing around? I don’t even know if you are a female. If you are and you are blessed with this succulent gift like the lady, the question now is, do you exercise by running? And when women runs, don’t their breasts bounce around? So, where is the difference?
        And for the Mr Dick Harrison, he is thinking what you will be thinking when you see a delicious Ice Cream in a hot weather. To both He and you, only your eyes sees, but your mouth will not taste it. Rise Up People.

  2. Both Cupid and Udoh are right. Thé dress is actually Nice and people like Udoh and Naijagist would have appreciated it if she had conducted herself with grâce. She lives in thé U. S but her lack of Poise was off-putting.

  3. Ma dear Laide you are very very beautiful in you dress i for one see no problem with that dress. Infact i don’t real do not know what they are talking about

  4. She looks awful with sagging breasts and pouch in her abdomen area. A slim, lepa shandy would have looked breathtakingly beautiful in that dress. Not every fashion is suitable for everyone. Look at your body dimensions and body sculptures especially after having babies. Dresses without shoulder sleeves look tacky and classless to me. You don’t need to expose your breasts to look nice. As women, we need to be modest and show good examples to our daughters.

  5. Its new year my people. Nigerians mind your business and leave this people alone. Anybody can wear whatever he or she likes. That is why people are hungry in that country because you dont use your time for what will benefit you. This are celebrity we not in 1940 any longer .

  6. ……. its good to watch ….. but no one pray to have it as child. Some men do enjoy watching women in their nude form but will never want their wife or daughter to dress like that

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