Late Kano’s Emir Ado Bayero’s 16th Concubine Threatens To Commit Suicide In Abuja


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Nov 3rd, 2014 – Late Kano’s Emir Ado Bayero’s 16th Concubine Speaks Up 4 Months After His Death 

Hauwa Momoh Threatens To Kill Herself & Ado Bayero’s Two Children In Abuja

In a recent letter sent to Premium Times, Hauwa , the daughter of a ex-Edo traditional ruler, the Otaru of Auchi, revealed how she met the Emir and how their secret affair of over 30 years produced two children.

“The relationship started back as 1984 when my father referred me to him, to help me gain admission into BUK. I have always wanted to study in BUK…however, I found out I was pregnant when in 1986 when I was in London, and as I got back I told him I was pregnant for him, he then said we will get married after I put to bed because Islamically it’s wrong to marry someone who is pregnant, ” she narrated.

On travelling back to Auchi to break the news to her father, she was sent back to the emir, and vowed she would not be allowed to have her baby in his house without marriage.

15 years later, a second child, a boy, arrived. She did not return to school and appears never to have been in any gainful employment.

“I stayed in Kano for 32 years, the Emir was very nice to me while he was alive, he took care of me and our two children, and he gave us money, he was indeed a nice man before he died,”

However, since his death, things have not remained the same – she has been struggling to survive and cater for their two kids, since his demise months ago.

Hear her “I have no shelter over my head, my children hardly eat and they are not even in school like their peers,”

Before his death, the emir directed one of his sons, Nasir, to ensure that Hauwa and her kids lacked nothing but Nasir has failed to fulfil that directive.

Nasir knew us very well. In fact, he used to come and give us money for upkeep when his father was alive but after the emir’s death, he stopped caring”

She told Premium Times that she met Nasir on several occasions, to convey to him how desperate she needed help but it turned out futile.

Ms. Momoh said today her children are no longer in school, as they roam the country looking for shelter. She is currently in Abuja squatting with a friend and struggling to survive.

“I almost slept at the central Mosque in Abuja, I have no savings, I have no roof over my head, my first daughter is due for the university but she is with me, my second son has been out of school for over a year now. We find it very difficult to eat. And all this became worse after the Emir died,” She explained.

 “Now she said she is prepared to end her life and her children’s after the emir’s family left her and her children homeless, and shut off all avenues of support she hitherto received for herself and children.

On Friday, after turning down the N2million she was offered, Ms. Momoh said she and her children had agreed to commit suicide if no help came by the weekend.

“Just in case we don’t make it to Monday, tell our story,” she quipped.